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Recipe exchange afternoon and Gourmet Bazaar to mark a fun day out

The scorching summers are here but that didn’t deter over 150 ladies to come out and mark the “Buon Cibo” afternoon hosted by Vandana Tomar in partnership with FoodCloud. The afternoon began with a recipe exchange program and a recipe book launch which features over 100 dishes from as many home chefs. Attended by women passionate about food, each chef presented her dish and faced a volley of questions from enthusiastic guests. For FoodCloud, it was a particularly special afternoon with stalls at the gourmet bazaar, a cake studio and two of their chefs – Avantika Garg (Cheeni Kum – a dessert brand) and Erna’s Gourmet (specialising in Austrian food) winning special awards for their dishes.

A gourmet bazaar was set up through the day where you could pick relishes and preserves, oven mitts and kitchen goodies, gluten and sugar free products and order cakes from a visually enticing cake studio.

Talking about the event, FoodCloud founder Sanjhi Rajgarhia said:

” FoodCloud is about promoting individuals passionate about food, with a home background. We were excited to see so many ladies here in an exchange driven by food and we’re happy to encourage such forums. We also used the forum to encourage these chefs to come on board FoodCloud – to give out customers some interesting dishes and cuisines to experience, and to convert their hobby and passion into a profession.”

Buon Cibo is a cooking school founded by Masterchef Vandana Tomar, where she takes classes and hosts recipe exchange forums where all those passionate about food and cooking are invited.


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