YO! Yoga


By Oohini Mukhopadhyay

No, It is not about worshipping Baba Ramdev or celebrating hump day flaunting the camel-toe, neither it is about the drooling over the pants which say yoga but your bottoms scream Double Mocha Supreme Latté Frappuccino . It has certainly no requirements other than commitment.  It is  just about making a disciplined, peaceful, and of course healthy lifestyle. Not that many rigidities that surround this regime however the one and only requirement is a zeal, a zeal to grow happy, to be influential, to be the most stable human being.

Far fetched asana  are not a big deal when you get the basic concepts in place. It is very important to realize the healing power of yoga. Yoga takes over not only as a weight control measure but also highly effects the metabolism, psychology and spirituality of an individual.


Many asana are designed for weight reduction, skin care, hair remedial and many other prospects of the body itself.

  • These include Sarvanga Asana, Bhujanga Asana, majorly affecting the stomach and waist to reduce fat with a lot of stretching increasing flexibility.
  • For the skin Kapal randhra dhouti – (Yogic Facial Massage), Paschimottanasana- (The seated forward bend pose) are recommended highly.


 Yog Mudra

  • For hair which is vulnerable to stress, ageing, hormonal imbalances, too much heat and chemicals, Uttanasana (Stand forward bend pose), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog pose), Vajra Asana(Diamond Pose) are the best. All these asanas help in proper blood circulation, where the blood evenly circulates in the nerves of the head and helps the scalp to remain healthy.

Kapal Randhra Dhouti


It is also very important to realize that Yoga is an age old science that has a wholesome influence over a human body. Most importantly the nervous system of a human being. The nerves are like live wires inside our body which need charging to avoid dysfunctioning.

A daily meditation practice, 10 minutes or a minute, with or without yoga mats, outside in the garden, park or inside the house, solely with concentration and peace can completely relax the Parasympathetic Nervous System and strengthen it.  Meditation elevates mood, decreases cortisol, empowers the immune system and increases psychological stabilization. Lowering blood pressure, easing respiration, regulating heart rate indicating body’s ability and flexibility.


  • Emotional and Spiritual Rejuvenation

Emotions are captivating. They don’t free a human being of his or her emotional requirements. To develop a control over this it is very important to gain awareness that it is all interdependent. All actions and reactions collate. It is about forging a conscious relationship with beyond “I, me, myself”. It is an intrapersonal journey towards the truth of existence. No, not at all related to renunciation but very much to do with cultivation of a meaningful self.

The one and only enterprise towards that is through introspection, contemplation and meditation. This happens when one is able to understand and recognize mistakes or loopholes of one’s own personality. Responding to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma all with deep conscience. To succeed in this process the only requirement is taking out few minutes for the inner self and making an effort to grow in a sustainable manner.

Some Facts that may interest you!

  • Doga” is a type of yoga in which people use yoga to achieve harmony with their pets. Dogscan either be used as props for their owners or they can do the stretches themselves. It reportedly started in New York in 2002 when Suzi Teitelman started “Yoga for Dogs.”
  • Aaron Star teaches “Hot Nude Yoga” in a Chelsea studio. The classes are men-only, and there are only two rules: “no kissing and no touching penises.”
  • A growing body of research shows that yoga can improve sex and may even prevent and treat sex problems by increasing the overall health of the cardiovascular system.

Side effects of Yoga!

You start feeling fresh, hungry, happy, alive, basically you start loving yourself.



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