The Listicle On Women Safety In the Capital

By Oohini Mukhophadhyay

Who says Delhi is the rape capital of India? When your safety is in your hands and nobody else’s, why blame the poor sex starved, testosterone driven perverts?

Being a born and brought up a Delhite and that too as a girl I have also had the bitter experiences where the scanning male gaze  is truly out of control and in overcrowded places their hands defy the basic shamefacedness of a human being. Now after so many years, I’ve come to realize it is actually very much in our hands to deal with this kind of a situation. So here are some experience and introspection driven preventive measures that might be helpful for all the “Eves” living, working or travelling in the capital. 

Gifting yourself a multifaceted Swiss knife instead of a make-up kit from your first salary.

Image result for swiss knifeYes, that is a hell of a tool that is not only beneficial to stab a stalker or cut his fingers but to attack him variously before even he realizes his heinous crime. It is readily available online and much useful than that make up for sure.  However if he has a gun, then stab in the eye  and run like a snake so that he has some difficulty to aim.

A Pepper Spray or a Volini Spray

Image result for pepper sprayImage result for volini

The pepper spray is a very effective measure that not only blinds the person for a while but causes respiratory irritation and burning that might result in fits and senselessness due to dizziness. However it might be a bit irritating for the sprayer too so in that case a simple volini spray is as much effective and much easily available.

Having the Right Body language

Image result for stop hand

It is the foremost safety rule. To have the absolutist, extremist and non conformist look while travelling. The ability to say no, stop, don’t is the basic which needs to be affirmatively exerted when disturbed. Even if a male gaze annoys, do not overlook it. Look back until his eyes drop in shame.

Always make noise and scream to assert protest

Image result for screaming woman

This is one thing which most women refrain from, to not make noise for there might be a chaos. But, hey, you should create a chaos. Scream, shriek and make the shrillest protest that deafens the culprit. Expose the bastard and realize that  the most voiceless are the most vulnerable.

Spare yourself a few self defence classes

Image result for self defence

This may look like a dream but it is as important as providing your body with food, sleep and recreation. Just two classes per week and at most 3- 4 months of your life can give you a technique which is as beneficial as much is learning driving, cooking or anything else. Some major moves can be even tested on friends if they annoy you. It is hence not really a bad idea to devote sometime to this.

Getting major safety apps on phone and setting emergency codes

Related image

This is something which might already be in use for most of the girls out there, but if not, then please equip your phone with these numerous apps that can be much more effective than Candy Crush Saga or Instagram.  These apps are specially designed with trackers, important contacts and other information which can help trace your location and help. If not then the basic emergency codes can work too. 

Note the details of the transport

Lastly, for all the women availing public transports other than the “safe” metro, should out rightly make a note of the cab, auto rickshaw, bus etc. ‘s numbers, the driver’s name and mobile number and it should be absolutely done in his presence in his knowledge. Also inform  the friends and guardians about the whereabouts . Another technique is to fake conversations if the phone battery has collapsed and make him believe that information of your whereabouts is passed onto a reliable source and he can do no harm and get away.




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