Ru Ba Ru – A Fashion and Lifestyle Extravaganza in the heart of New Delhi 

New Delhi as a city is characterised by its dynamism. Before you fall in line with the trends, they change! It is always advised to be two steps ahead on the lifestyle front if you care about making a statement. Where to step for all your lifestyle and grooming needs while keeping up with the demands of the metropolis that never stops evolving? 

We found you a stop. Ru Ba Ru Events, that has been in the trade for the past 5 years, in the words of Founder Ms. Durgesh Goel, is just the place to go if you’re looking for something contemporary yet experimental. 

Venue & Prima Facie Thoughts : This year, it was held at The Lalit, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi with a lot of ethnic and pan-Indian brands making a show on the stalls, catering to the audiences increasing likening for Indian tastes. So if you’re looking for comfortable Kurtis to wear to office or college, simply pair them with stylish oxidised danglers and minimal makeup that won’t smudge in the bereaved heat of the City, and you’re good to go. 
What caught our Eyes : Two things! A Tarot Reader with a bunch of precious aura cleansing stones added to the exhibition with her serene presence & the stall, which is an online start up that has been recognised by the Government and the likes of Forbes and Times of India for its unique idea to take home chefs on the worldwide platter. We recommend trying the wide array of chefs they host on their platform – in the words of Ms. Sanjhi, the founder, “you never know what comes out of people’s homes!”


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