Beach Baits!

By Oohini Mukherjee


 Usually, it is a moderate temperature in the beaches with rains or no rains. The attractions about beaches are the soft , thick sand beds with the savage waves that carry the beautiful artifacts and marine life that sometimes sweeps from between your feet. However, going for vacations needs a lot of preparation. A lot of excitement should be accompanied with a bit of research about the weather, the environment and a check list of course. Here’s a listicle to prepare you how to be beach ready.

The Tan

Yes, the most desirable thing is getting that tan while sunbathing. Oiling or getting oiled and lying on the beach for hours and either taking a quick nap or reading the most beautiful Mills and Boons if not then of course the crackling Agatha Christie. Although it is very important to take care of the duration for if it turns out to be a bit longer than assumed in the sun and salt of the seas you may get an undesirable tan which might not be the bronze you expected and disappoint you. Also, some really do not want to lose their skin tone, in that case the most effective would be a sunscreen of a good PF level but you will get a bit shaded because it is natural to on beaches.

To the fair fetish ones, it is actually healthy for the skin to breathe in the sun and absorb the Vitamin D, to maintain the luster of the skin which is one of the remedies for wrinkles and unwanted creases.


The Perfect Beach Wear

This is actually a myth. There is no perfect “ beach wear “ as such. You may find the bikini bombshells, the loose t-shirts and shorts pony tailed girls, as well as the women draped in sarees with their in-laws.

However, it is one of the most important concerns what to wear and what not to wear. So just avoid the transparent if you aren’t confident and skin tight trunks if you think its way too much effort  to get into that costume. You may be bikini friendly no need to pay heed to those extras here and there, it is perfectly not perfect and sometimes natural. I

n India, bikini grabs a lot of eyes however it is just another drape that is mostly worn on beaches. At least that is the concept followed behind wearing them in the rest of the world if you are size 0 or size 32. It is just a garment.

Get The Look

Maxi dresses, denim shorts, frill skirts everything is about following trend and going with the “ in “ thing. This concept is highly flawed because getting the look is all about getting in synch with the environment and the magazine cover page girls. Crop Tops or no tops, completely your choice. A sarong or a wrap on, all the same. Learn to create and not to follow. Go for the vintage polka dots broad panties and big cupped bras, beg to differ and choose a Kaftan that is simple and serene complimenting the picturesque surroundings. Give up heavy accessories, they are bound to get submerged in the sea if you really want to have fun and get out of the selfie world. Go for earthy colors, do not bling anything up.

The Feet

Where people are really concerned about their face, most of them forget their feet which takes all the pain, in fact the entire body weight. It is very much essential to make a careful attempt at getting ready for the beach and not neglect the feet just because it will be submerged in sand and water. Apply sunscreen and wear flip flops. After returning from the sea, give your feet a hot water and salt dip for half an hour and then apply moisturizer.

It is advisable not to get pedicures, manicures, waxing, bleaching, just before going for a beach holiday since these open up the skin pores and make the inner dermis vulnerable to all the natural brutal harm. Get all these done after the trip.

The Feast

Yes, seas are the harbor for sea food, all the Aqua animals and plants (edible) varies from person to person, are served lavishly and completes and justifies a vacation as such. So try everything depending on the availability. It is a sin to come back without trying the most exotic preparations of crabs and oysters. Also the Non-vegetarian non eaters perhaps go for the most eccentric veggies that are staple to that place and are a rarity. It is a rule to go beyond the known

The plethora of rejuvenating agents are identified on the beaches. Do not limit yourself to the conventional claims of the tour planners and completely explore taking care of some basic prerequisites where taking a spa can be an option but neglecting the everyday shower and moisturizing after the sea dunk is condemnable. Where getting a booze overdose is surely a crime on the shore, but taking a taste of the local plant alchohol is completely understandable. So no hard and fast rules but yes, prevention is always better than cure as the clichéd proverb.


Leave the camera at the hotel for at least three out of five days to get the flavor of the sea in a wholesome.


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