A Sublime Supplement – The Papaya!

By Oohini Mukhopadhyay

If you are able to reach out to the correct fruit vendor who has the eye for the best papayas from the wilderness and a sense of a fruit’s mannerism, you’ve made it to the most efficient, healthy and robust fruit of the kingdom.

Not only is it full of nutritional characteristics it is even sapid and can be used in various ways for various purposes and because of its availability almost all through the year, it is easily approachable.

Multifarious Ingredient

Retaining its musky flavor, providing a glaze of its reddish, saffronish texture with a hue of pink and yellow proves to be a delicacy lavisher.

From a range of deserts including smoothies, exotic pastries and puddings , papaya brochettes, fruit creams to juices with a numerous combinations like mango, coconut, peaches, melon, orange, pineapple, muskmelon and many more the only reason of each and every fruit complementing papaya is because it doesn’t dominate the taste entirely and makes room for everything.

 Belize Dessert Payapa Recipes papaya-smoothie

Also the raw or the unripe papaya is a great favorite of the Indian households. From Green Papaya dal to papaya seedy pickles to sweet sour papaya flesh curries to Papaya Kofta  to Papaya Appam, Papaya Dosa, Papaya Chutney, burfi, halwa  and so much more.

At the end it is the invention and creation of the cook that gives birth to these splendid cuisines. However it is very important for the experimentation to click.

Health Sake

        Image result


Prescriptive for Heart

A store of antioxidants like Vitamin C and A and  due to the presence of the folic acid , it is the best recommended to diabetic hearts for prevention of oxidation of the cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels.

A Major support against Rheumatic Arthritis

The papaya is one of the most required to drop the inflammatory issues suffered by various rheumatic arthritis patients which helps their bones and muscles to retain the right amount of nutrition to function when ageing.

A Cancer Fighter

Both Colon and Prostrate cancers are defeated by the vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E present in Papaya which bind the toxins and prove to be a heightened assassin for these fatal killers.

Papaya’s luscious sap is amazingly beneficial to treat a lot of ailments uterus corns and cancers , syphilis, hemorrhoids and to remove mineral concretions in the urine, if unripe used as a laxative to stimulate lactation, the ripe one for alkalizing urine. The leaves are often used to smoke for relief from asthma and seeds to lessen menstrual pains and the fibers to stimulate digestion and cure constipation.

Dermis Delighter

18 Natural Organic Skin Care DIY Home Made Beauty Recipes For Healthy Skin And Hair

True to the skin, Papaya is a blissful product for the skin in the fast, rapidly mobilizing world where skin takes a back seat for there are other commitments which eat up all the time.

The low sodium quality of Papaya helps to hydrate the skin without making it excessively sweaty and retains enough water for the body. The raw papaya paste with honey or fresh untreated cream, even with olive oil the seeds finely grinded can work immensely well to treat the acne, bronos or pimples on the skin which the consumer targeted creams with high chemicals are unsuccessful in treating. If it is directly applied on the dermis, further it removes the dead and hardened, dry skin too.

Papaya is one of the most crucial of the fruits which is not really a hot favorite when it comes to fruit choices and some may even think that the fruit deserves the age group of 40 and above which is a flawed concept. It is very much recommended that the earlier the better. If a very important fruit that  really needs to be added in the diet planners, it is this one fruit which serves so many functions that ignoring it could be a real loss. And in a country like India, it is not even a costly one as compared to the luxurious fruits that serve no purpose other than to the tongue.


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