Pet Puraan promises pure privilege: A food venture that warms the heart!

-Oohini Mukhopadhyay

This place is a mini Kolkata in your Kitchen. As the name suggests, the history is not exempt from the food trail. The concept behind each kind of delicacy here is a very authentic and rooted one. The tales behind each food are contributing at each step to create a way of looking into food as a whole. Being a Bengali, it pleases me more to see that it has managed to retain the actual nuances of the Bengali cuisine which is essentially a very homely and earthy cuisine.
I was privileged to be given a chance to taste their culinary, what came out was the sound of the steel utensils and the fragrance of fresh chopping, what the food brought out were some ethnic ways of preparing the home style curries and the regular Bengali recipes that appeal more than anything else.
So what we tried were-
The Chicken Biryani : The traditional Bengali Biryani that resounds the history of Biryani coming into Kolkata through that element of an egg and potato being added to the dish. Basically the Nawab was defeated and moved to Kolkata which was a safe haven for him and his family of dozens of dozens and more however as the Nawab couldn’t afford to put in a lot of meat because of lack of money, so the Chef came up with introducing the Egg and the Potato in the Biryani. The same is continued till date has the fragrance of light Ghee and is delicious with some onion and green Chilies. This Biryani is a must try.

The Pabda Maacher Jhol: This one is very commonly found in houses around Kolkata and Bengali houses here in Delhi. This fish is commonly found in any fish market and is prepared in light spices and is mostly very smooth. The fish is first fried and then added to the thin jhol (gravy) and is extremely delicious with steamed rice.
The Prawn Malai Curry: So this dates back to colonization when the Portugese had introduced this first in the South and then it traveled to Kolkata or Bengal. This is a Prawn dish which is cooked really quick in some fresh spices and coconut milk and gets its texture from Coconut shilling if garnished. Its taste varies within sweet and creamy, milky ways. It is again a very good compliment to Steamed rice. Here at Pet Puraan, they do it perfect.
Kosha Maangsho: This one is a killer! It is a Mutton dish which is basically made in whole spices and cooked for longer than long. It has to cook for a really good amount of time to become tender and juicy and succumb to the strong spices and is redish black in color. This has a little touch of sweetness to it but is more heavy on the spicy bit. It best goes with any kind of Indian bread or if you know a good Bengali then ask them for the recipe of a “Luchi” it is a traditional Bengali Poori prepared out of Maida (Flour). It tastes bestest with that anyday.
A very simple yet creative approach towards food, the attempt is to withhold the intricacies of cooking at home. 


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