Venus Concept, a leading name in the medical aesthetics industry recently conducted a Masterclass with Dr. Tal Nachlieli MD, Israel’s Leading Plastic Surgeon and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Venus Concept.

A recognized expert in the field of facial and aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Tal conducted fun, interactive workshops on Venus Concept’s two most popular treatment devices – Venus Viva and Venus Legacy. The Masterclass took place in Delhi and Bangalore with Doctors who’ve subscribed to Venus treatment devices being invited to attend the event.
Dr. Tal commenting on the workshops said, “Along with creating cutting-edge technologies, Venus Concept is also helping the Doctors stay one step ahead of the game by organising periodic seminars and training sessions. The workshops on Venus Viva and Venus Legacy have been a great platform to both teach my audience and learn from them.”

A lot of sessions were conducted and some of them included techniques for body contouring, skin tightening, skin resurfacing using Venus Viva and Venus Legacy. Not only this but we were also administered with tips on how to rejuvenate and manage a successful practice as well as live demonstration using Venus Viva and Venus Legacy devices. A session on how social media can be used to make the practice more successful was also conducted.


Venus Concept is a revolutionary leader in the medical aesthetics industry with 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology. The company through its own Research & Development and by investing extensive resources in developing devices has created cutting edge technologies that are safe, painless and affordable. Venus Concept is present in over 50+ countries with over 3,000,000+ treatments performed in a year globally.
That’s not all, Venus concept also offers an extensive range of aesthetics treatments through their diverse portfolio of devices with Venus Viva and Venus Legacy being the most popular devices used by Doctors in India. While Venus Viva is used to treat indications such as acne scars, open pores, fine lines and textural irregularities, Venus Legacy is for face, neck and body and used to soften deep wrinkles, contour fat pockets, reduce volume, tighten skin and dramatically reduce cellulite to give a firm and enhanced body shape.
All Venus treatment devices used in India are USFDA, Health Canada and European CE Approved.



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