Grab a bite after the classroom at the University Bistro, Hudson Lane

The Buddies for the hangout

Reviewer: Srishti Oberoi, Kanchi Shah

Behind the Lens: Kavish

Editor: Oohini Mukherjee

So what’s so special about this one?

This was the first ever bloggers meet organised by Born of A Million Thoughts. The initiative was a success with most of the invitees coming in and helping us add a feather to our hat.

Prima Facia Thoughts:

Located at the heart of the North Campus’ very famous hangout points at Hudson Lane, University Bistro is true to its name and its theme. Serving the ‘university cuisine’, TUB has gained a lot of attention, in spite of being a new establishment, for all the right reasons.

How to get there?

TUB lies on the very famous Hudson Lane, Vijaynagar. Can be easily reached by exiting the GTB Nagar Metro Station from gate number 4 if travelling by the metro. Then you can ask any rickshaw puller to drop you near the TPDDL office. Just across the office, you’ll find the café. If you want to burn the extra calorie before you gain more, you can also walk down.

Tip: It is better to get down in front of the TPDDL office than asking the rickshaw puller to take you across the road since you won’t find any cut for a very long way ahead. The most common landmark is the iconic Big Yellow Door.


A small area, much like a college café, TUB has its walls full of funky artefacts and illustrations. One wall is completely devoted to the people and their last thoughts before they exit. Customers give their feedbacks with all kinds of messages to the café and perhaps you may find one or two that would enlighten your soul (If you would have seen the Bollywood movie Queen, you would know what the wall looks like!). The other walls are full of successful and paparazzi friendly people, who were ironically the dropouts in their café days. Quite inspiring in times of crisis!


It’s got colourful tables with a live pizzeria and a shake bar.

So lets get started!

Bon Appetite

  1. Shawarma wrap chicken: This was a well presented dish with paper wrapped around it which gives the feel of a road side roll corner but don’t be fooled by it. It’s got well cooked chicken with some veggies that add to the taste though it could have had some more spices. 53
  2. Pull pork sandwich: Who doesn’t love the classic sandwich with a twist? It has got loads of bone pulled pork and lots of cheese, mayo. To top it all, it has got some vegies that give it an extra crunch.
  3. Mexican fajita wrap: looking out for something light yet filling? This is the dish for you. With all its flavours spot on this is one dish you cannot miss. The crispy patty with a soft vegetable filling does everything to your stomach and tongue.
  4. Devil eggs: Boiled eggs with cheese, cream and a sprinkle of herbs, what else can someone want? With all its textures right and the perfectly boiled eggs, it is just what you need to start your day or to munch during your tiny breaks.51
  5. Mexican nacho chicken: Crispy nachos and soft chicken loaded with creamy cheese and other sauces, served with salsa. This dish seemed to be the perfect for anyone who would want all of that and more in one platter.68
  6. Fish orly: This was a well presented dish. Well cooked fish served with cocktail sauce was a perfect combination. It tasted well initially yet left a bit fowl after taste since basa fish is what they used, as mentioned in their menu. It is recommended for people who are absolute sea food orly
  7. Basilica chicken bruschetta: Fresh, tropical and tangy, this dish won our hearts the most. It had a crispy base with well cooked chicken and finely cubed vegetables. Don’t feel like eating too much in the hot summers yet your foodie stomach asks for food? This is just the dish for you.

Lets drink out the summers!

  1. After 8: The best chocolates make the best shakes. Chocolatey with the after taste of mints. Just perfect to beat the heat.
  2. Chocolate Brownie Shake: Much of a chocolate lover, this is just the shake for you. Gooey and crumbly and perfectly liquid, this is a must try.DSC_0052
  3. Mid Night Moon: As the name suggests, this thirst quencher takes you to the cool and airy night time with a punch of black current to it.mid night moon
  4. Tub Delight: Miss the mango season while waiting for the perfectly ripe mangoes to arrive? Why wait when you can have them at TUB.58


Time for main course!

  1. Grilled chicken steak with butter rice and vegetables: Perfect quantity for a single serving, this dish was a sizzler. Well cooked chicken with perfectly made rice. The chicken, though, was on a sweeter side which was a bit of a turn off.grilled chicken steak, butter rice & vegetables
  2. Fusilli pasta in creamy pesto sauce veg: The best main course we had. Pasta was well cooked and well mixed with the dish. Served with a couple of garlic breads, the dish was creamy and tasteful.fuisli pasta in creamy pesto sauce


Time to listen to the heart, Desert!!

Fried Ice Cream: TUB is one of the very few places that serve this desert and we totally understand why. The vanilla ice cream had a certain crunchiness in it. The outer layer was crisp and had a tinge of coconut on it. Perfectly sweet, soft from the inside and crunchy on the outside, this is exactly the summary of it.

fried ice cream


  • Pull Pork Sandwich
  • Mexican Fajita Wrap
  • Devil Eggs
  • Basilica chicken bruschetta
  • Fusilli pasta in creamy pesto sauce veg
  • Fried Ice Cream
  • After 8
  • Chocolate Brownie Shake


Verdict. On the verge-

Ambience : 4/5

Food : 4.5/5

Service: 3.5/5


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