Relationship Diaries By Sahil Thaker: Top 10 Issues

Splits and breakups have been the highlight for this year, with endless reports of celebrity splits.
Why is it that Ashley Maddison went viral? Why is it that most women are walking out of relationships? Is the youth a no-go when it comes to commitment or are there more facets to the story?

We find out why millennials worldwide have lost faith in love, and why it is completely okay!

Busy Bees: When they don’t have time for each other!


The way trees cannot survive without water, relationships cannot thrive if one or both partners are excessively busy. While chasing our careers and dreams, people often forget that they are humans, not robots and that their life does extend beyond ambition. People want to be loved and cared and build happy memories with each other. Excessive work stress can lead to burn out, not only affecting your relationships but eventually work too.

Fitness in a relationship?: When health takes over!

ill couple

If people are excessively busy then there is very little or no time for them to invest in their own health One requires some kind of physical activity to keep himself physically fir and mentally fresh. Poor health can affect your day to day life, work and even intimacy in your relationship. It often leads to health issues and irritability, which is never good for your relationship.

Money Minded: In times of financial crisis!


Some people are just careless with money. They tend to spend too much or spend on unnecessary things, in short, simply fail to budget their money properly. Whether your income is low, medium or high; proper financial planning is important. If one person in a relationship is careless and other person likes to save, this can become a huge cause of friction in the relationship.

Anger Issues: When fights get a little too serious!


We all feel angry from time to time, but if someone tends to get angry way too often and takes that anger out on their partner despite of them not being at fault, it can result in bitter arguments, screaming and yelling between the partners. It is important to control your temper and not act like someone who is angry all the time for no apparent reason.

Respect and Love, my friend: In times of loneliness!

Upset couple not talking to each other after fight at home in the bedroom

Women and men can often feel unloved and lonely, if they feel that their significant other is taking them for granted and just does not care enough for them. It is very important for both the persons to know how their partner feels.

Dominating Enough?: Incorrect attitude towards the partner!


There are some people who have an excessively dominating attitude. They wish to decide everything single thing about the relationship on their own and expect the partner to just obey them. Their partner’s opinion or advice does not matter to them. Both partners should show some kind of flexibility, cooperation and understanding for the relationship to work.

Communication is the key: When you aren’t expressive enough!


Your partner cannot read your mind. They might be able to guess what you are thinking and feeling, and sometimes the guess might even be correct! But it is very important to have open and honest communication so that misunderstandings between partners are reduced to nil. People who are introvert might find it harder to communicate. In such cases, their significant other must make the move and try to talk to them and find out.

Hygiene comes first: When it becomes difficult to adjust with hygiene habits of you partner! 


In a relationship, people share a lot of personal space together, so it is important to make sure each person maintains good personal hygiene. Lack of personal hygiene can be a big turn off and be repulsive.

Keep Your Ego Aside: When other factors take over!


Many men and increasingly successful women tend to have a big ego which can get in way of their relationship. Other people’s feelings or emotions don’t matter much to such people. It often becomes difficult to have meaningful conversations and make them see other person’s point of view.

Children in the Relationship: When a third person takes over!


Children are not problems in themselves, but ask any couple with kids and they will tell you how drastically their relationship changes once they have children. Children do take up a lot of your time and effort. There has to be good understanding and fair division of responsibilities with regards to children between you and your significant other.



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