Moneyback-Delhi Government style.

By Chhaya Sharma


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia gives away an award under the ‘Bill Banao Inaam Pao’ scheme at Delhi Secretariat in New Delhi.

‘Oh the vendor knows us, there won’t be any issues’
‘Printed bill will cost you more Madam’
‘Anyway the shop is here only, where are we going? ‘

Sounds familiar?
Yes, we all have come across this and majority of times even digged for it. Nothing like saving a few bucks, right? But what if you actually get back more than the tax paid?  (more reasons to shop, yes!)

Banking on this very nerve of the customers, Department of Trade & Taxes, Delhi has launched ‘Bill Banwao, Inaam Pao’ scheme. So, you’re reimbursed 5 times the tax amount you pay. Whoa! Score Delhi Government!

The scheme that aims on advocating registered dealership and Printed Billing can turn out to be a top dog. So, all those times that you’ve cribbed about the taxes being more than the actual bill, here’s your reward! All that needs to be done is-
When you buy something with minimum taxable value of Rs. 100 from a registered dealer, go to the Official Delhi Government Department of Trade & Taxes website ( your bill within 7 days latest of purchase – and you’re done. And for the phone savy generation that we are, you can even Whatsapp! Could we really ask for more? Depositing it will generate a pin that the Department verifies with the vendor and via a random selection, winners will be chosen.

The scheme turned out to be a big hit with more than 10,000 people uploading their bills within 13 days of its launch in January. The uploading of bills continued unabated and over 4,000 bills had been received in February.

VAT Commissioner SS Yadav said through the bills uploaded, the department had been able to catch 44 traders, who were issuing bills on the cancelled TIN, evading 100 per cent tax. Many other traders were also found indulging in malpractices and tax evasion has been identified, he added.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, gave away awards thanking people by saying that the participants had done a great service to Delhi by sending these bills.

The app recieved a warm response from the people of Delhi in January itself, when more than 10,000 people downloaded the App and got registered with 4,179 bills received through the App.

Sisodia said, “The scheme is an example of inclusive governance which has been adopted by the Delhi government.” He appreciated the efforts of the department in successfully implementing this innovative scheme.

Bill Banvao Inaam Pao scheme is an innovative scheme supported by “DVATBILL” App which helps in uploading the bills. The App is available both at Google Play store and App store. The App can also be downloaded by giving a missed call on 01125776903.

A lucky draw is held every month.

At a function organised by the Department of Trade and Tax at Delhi Secretariat, among those who were selected by draw of lots for the prizes of more than Rs 10,000 are Mrs. Monica: Rs 19,000, Mr. Prabhat Sharma: Rs 16,372, Mr. Manoj: Rs 14,522 and Divya Goel: Rs 12,067.

Manish Sisodia also said that receiving invoice from a shopkeeper is a right of the customer. It is also mandated through DVAT ACT, 2004, to provide invoice by a registered selling dealer whenever sale is made which is liable to tax under this Act.
As a citizen it is his/her right to obtain the bill against the purchase. “BILL BANVAO INAAM PAO” is a tool given by the government to the customer by which he insists for an invoice.

Say, if you pay Rs. 150 tax on something, you might get Rs.750 in your bank account! Well, that does call for some serious Billing and ofcourse Shopping.

What an idea Kejriwal ji!


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