The scathing attacks on humanity.

By Aastha Dayal

Easter afternoon, you decide to go out and spend some time with your family and close ones. You decide to visit the nearby amusement park because it seems like a perfect place for your kids and you to spend some quality time together. You get ready and reach the park and after standing for hours in that line for the ticket, you finally enter the park, while your 8 year old son is dancing away with happiness, for he had been waiting to visit that park for ages and today he finally got the chance. To add on to his happiness, you ask him to go get himself some popcorn, smiling at him. He is walking towards the stall and that is the moment when all of the happiness, every dream of yours, every aspiration and all your plans are brought to an end, a devastating end, that too by someone who believes he has the right to take away the life of an innocent, in the name of an organization, that can’t decipher inhumanity from humanity.
This is exactly what happened in the Lahore attacks. On 27th March 2016, in the second largest city of Pakistan, families gathered to celebrate Easter in the gulshan-e-Iqbal park, one of the largest in the city. None of those, who had gathered there yesterday had thought, that even spending a quiet night with loved ones would be a crime because a suicide bomber, belonging to the militant islamist group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar a vicious offshoot of the Pakistan Taliban, decided to blow himself off and take the lives of 70, innocent humans and rendering 300 wounded.


The recent Lahore attacks came up as a shock for people all across the world but more than that it is a shock for humanity. People all over social media and visual media have come up with different theories behind these attacks. Some think it is an attack of religious intolerance as it was Easter yesterday and most of the people in the park were Christians, other people believe the attacks have not got as much coverage as the Brussels attacks, while some believe the attacks were a fault of Pakistan itself for the sole reason that they, till a point, financially and socially supported these very terrorist organizations.

The question I would like to pose here is simply this, why can’t we just for once ignore all these theories and instead of coming up with such, accept the fact that this heinous attack was an attack on humanity and humanity has no religion, no boundary or no nationality?
The fact remains that Pakistan has faced as horrendous an attack as Brussels or any other country and we, as per the need of hour, need to stand with them. Today, those attacks took place there and tomorrow the same attacks could be carried out against any other country in any part of world. We, as humans, which these terrorists are definitely not, need to come together and eradicate them together as till wars happen between us and we stay divided among ourselves, we won’t be able to stand united in front of the faces of adversity and atrocity. 70 innocent people have lost their lives, while 300 still fight for their’s. Children have lost their pillars of strength, mothers have lost their beloved children and loved ones have lost the loved ones, in these ghastly attacks.


While the Pakistani government, intelligence and police work towards finding the perpetrators of such a crime, we on the other side of the border hope those horrendous faces of inhumanity are found and justice is provided to the families suffered.

While ending this, I think it’s time we stop fighting battles and start living in harmony. The people who carry out such crimes are enough for the destruction of humanity, so let’s join our hands and help save humanity. So, here is all the strength and love Pakistan. We stand by you, not only in words but in every way possible.


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