Media chooses to be silent this time while mob mentality takes another life.

By Shivangi Gautam



It was around 12:30 A.M on Thursday night, when a group of young men arrived at 40-year-old dentist Pankaj Narang’s house in Delhi’s Vikaspuri area, dragged him out on the road and beat him with bats and rods till he died.


After the investigations, police found that Doctor’s son was playing cricket with him on Wednesday night, after India won the World Cup against Bangladesh. While playing in the balcony of their house, the ball hit a biker passing by, which led to a an argument.
The rider went away first but then came back with his friends and dragged the dentist from his home and beat him with wooden sticks and bricks. They also allegedly beat up those who came to Narang’s rescue.
Locals called the police but the group fled before they arrived. Narang, was rushed to a hospital but died in the way.


The police said yesterday that it has arrested 9 people out of which four are minors. Also, among those arrested is the mother of Naseer, a 23-year-old man with whom Mr Narang had an argument less than an hour before he died.


The police also said that all the accused live in a slum just behind the dentist’s home and do casual jobs at a local market.

If we all remember, few months ago also a case of lynching in Dadri happened, which grabbed the attention of many. Without any proper evidence they twisted and presented the news to the public writing, “Hindus lynched Muslim man for meat.” This time, None of the media house wrote that the Hindu man was lynched by Muslims, instead the media took their hands off from the matter and does not even want to see it through. The media chooses to be silent and hide behind the walls as the crimes are not communal or political this time and it won’t gain them any TRP on this issue.

As a matter of fact when Mr. Rajdeep Sardesa, who famously Made Dadri as ‘Intolerant Indian’s Incident’, came up with this amazing comment,


“Only social media sickos will give a horrific road rage killing a communal hue: go chk with cops. And stop this sickness.” then users went crazy at Social Media and reacted in this way –




Please stay posted on this page for more updates. We will be updating on the information for the same as and when they will be available to us. Thank you. 

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