Beneath the Purple Bushes

Poet : Ayushi Goyal

The pane, like an eye
Purple, looking out at the world.
Petals catch my eyes,
vibrant purple dancing high.
Majestic as it will illuminate,
propriety of a previous
time covered in an ivory lace.



Thunder in the dim of the night,
sprouting things all green and broke.
Push and pour from glowing hole,
soothe my soul.

Purple trees waving with stormy winds,
relaxed is lavender.
It sounds like wave,
gently lapping against the sands.
It looks like a meadow full of
shining  orchids.
It feels like the light lavender sky, silenly darkening.

A new life wonders beyond the horizon
as light dispels doubt’s curse across night’s violet-purple skies.
Rediscovering a beloved’s resilient heart;
lost in the world with too little beauty,
like the innocent purple flower on the
bushes of trees,
enchanting in its simplicity.

I have a purple picture of the event,
purplish sky with the glittering stars.
In my pink-violent wallet ,
captured under the soft blue light ,
people look purple to me,
the pane and I watch to take a purple departure afar.