Stories That Will Make You Re-Think

Author: Oohini Mukhopadhyay

A woman whose husband works in Jaipur as a porter, has been married for 5 years, has a little 3 year old daughter, takes care of her in-laws, works around the house and has been preparing for CISF exams on her own for a year.

Seema didi, lives in Ganeshpura- banjaro ki basti, the untouchables. With certain sad teary nights, and many bright days, she is brave and determined, in this man’s world.

Among the scores of Marwadi speaking people greeting us with Raam Raam, a certain girl dares to come up to us and say a surprising ‘hello didi‘. Her eyes sparkle as we reciprocate her greetings. She doesn’t hide behind the purdah like all the other girls her age. She stands before us; communicating with us in fluent English. I knew from her eyes how happy she was to finally have someone to speak English with.. she finally felt emancipated. Throughout our entire stay, not once did she say a word in Marwadi, other than becoming our translator to the entire Dhani. A ray of hope was reinstated in my being, girls DO run the world.



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