iPhone SE and all you need to know about it.

By Aditi Kanodia


Remember the time when Apple launched its 6 series and people went nuts over Apple doing what every one else in the tech mobile world was doing, creating phones with bigger screens. Well, now Apple is back with its new iPhone SE launched on Monday with 4 inch of display, a big change from the general trend for smartphones. It has shifted back to the smaller 5 series convenient size display screen and given it all the features of the 6 series and a lot more.



It has a 12 megapixel isight camera that includes shooting and editing 4K videos and Live Photos, a feature available only on latest iPhones.

It uses the A9, the advanced chip used in iPhone 6s. This chip brings in spectacular speed and responsiveness. It is also embedded with super efficient M9 motion co-processor that connects to the fitness tracking capabilities of your iPhone  and also helps activate ‘Siri’ by simply saying “Hey Siri”.

Though it has a design similar to iPhone 5s but its satin like finish, Matt-chamfered edges and colour-matches stainless steel logo gives it a more classier look.

Apple uses the abbreviation “SE” for “Special Edition” according to Apples head of marketing, Phill Schiller, reported by fortune reporter.

According to Apple, the iPhone SE may be smaller in size but is big on battery life. It can last longer than iPhone 6s Plus the latest iPhone on the market.

Well, one can always count on  Apple live up to their ‘Think different’ tag line.




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