I oppose 

Poet – Deepanshi Balyan


Why can’t We accept change?

A change in customs

A change in traditions

A change in thoughts.

In this society where, my bodily features are parameters to define me,

My shortness and thinness are used to identify me.

In this very society


My kindness and greatness

are tools to slay me. 

Where people help others

Just for showing their virtuousness

For the phantom power and political influence

Where mortals are befriended for gain and greed

Here, resides jealousy and hatred for those who succeed.  

Even after the Whites left, we are still colonized with false beliefs.

Superstitions are our rulers.

Our society, our world and our minds are still stuck on ideas of right and wrong, moral and amoral, beautiful and ugly.

Someone tell me, what is beauty?

Am I not beautiful because I am tiny and thin?

What should I do if I am not?

Burn my body or use those beauty creams they show in the TV ads?

Well, I would do none.

I better stay how I am, then believe in what people banter about my ‘beauty;

My beauty is my beauty. None of your business.

I shall stay strong. That’s my beauty. Always.


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  1. Amazingly Written. Way to go.


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