A Man with a Kind Heart

Poet – Tenzin Khando

Last night, I was wiping dust away from my balcony floor.
Reached up for those dusty railings,
And just when I started cleaning them,
I saw a man with a stray dog down in my gali.

A dog I know, a dog who is sick.
A dog with many bites on his body,
Rotten skin spots and hair fall.
He was once attacked by other dogs, some days ago.

I heard him mourn, I saw him sit on my doormat.
He smelled awful, he is filthy.
I sent him away…out of my sight.
I didn’t want to be infected.

One evening I went out to balcony,
He was there down in my gali.
I called him, idk his name, maybe he has no name.
I fed him my left over meal, by throwing them from my balcony down on him.

Last night he was with a man.
A man I didn’t know, but wanted to know.
The man was medicating the dog.
He had no gloves and no mask on.


One of his hand were rolled around the dog’s body,
As if making the dog feel comfortable.
And one of his hand was treating the rotten body.
All the time I was looking down on them.

The man had prepared food for the dog.
He watched the dog finish his meal calmly.
He set the dog free, unchained.
No one but I noticed everything.

That man vanished at some point, out of my sight.
He was an ordinary man, with an ordinary heart.
My body chilled…
I was then left to wonder…


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