NIRBHAYA – A story I can’t let you forget!

By Shanaya Sadh

At times when I’m sitting all by myself I tend to laugh at the irony of nature. It made us responsible for the birth of someone like us and someone like ‘him’ yet we are the ones who have to face the brutality and the bestial acts of the society. Its deplorable how the civilization is neglectful and unconcerned about what is happening on the radar. Our minds which were once meant to explore the nature and not exploit it, are now taking paths, where there is no room for morality and integrity.
Its a shame what happened to her, could have happened to any one of us reading this, yet they fail to prevent us from the barbarity of the those who roam around the cities with an inhuman heart. We no longer feel that we have a part in the human race, and if that’s going to help us survive and continue life on the planet, then we are glad to say that ‘woman’ is no longer a gender.
“‘She’ is stronger than any ‘he’ living on the planet.”
Not always physically but definitely mentally, all the more reason why she survived for almost two weeks. The deterioration in her health was a call from god asking her to give up the body that had witnessed the atrocious and sinful acts of the monstrosity in the those so called humans.
“She gives lives, so you have no right to take hers.”

Note: Nothing that the articles says, implies the general but only the majority. This is in support for all the rape victims including men who have had to go through something that nobody would want to go through, let alone live with. Its been almost two years and as humans we all learn to move on, but I felt like it was my duty to remind everybody about this horrific incident so that we can start paving way for a ‘no crime world’.
This notion in today’s world may seem unattainable but us Indians have been known to conquer things nobody else thought we could.


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