Gruesome inhuman act that will give you CHILLS.

By Aastha

“I see humans, but no humanity.”
The frequency of the reference to this quote has escalated quite drastically over the past few days. The latest incident which made us go back to this quote by Jason Donohue took place in Bangalore on march 15, when a women named Ponnamma, wife of an ex servicemen murdered 8 new born pups in cold blood- in front of their mother. While one of the pup out of the lot survived, all the others died on spot.



The reason for the slaughter of the 15 day old pups was to teach the new mother not to litter or come around the women’s house.

The neighbours who fed Ammu, the four year old dog are confused and anguished after the incident. While they have filed a report against the women under Section 93 of the Karnataka Police Act (punishment for cruelty to animals) and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and IPC Section 429. If proved guilty, she could end up in prison for up to five years, an aura of shock because of the sheer act of inhumanity prevails.

As if it wasn’t enough trauma for the day, while reading the comment section of an article on the slaughtering, we came across this:


Anger followed by sadness followed by helplessness. The perfect punishment for women is rape and rapes have styles.
Just when we were on the brink of loosing faith in humanity, we cams across this petition.

The petition addressed to Police commissioner MN Reddi, requesting justice for the pups and also to take strict action against animal cruelty cases as they slide easily because the bail is convenient.


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