Dhoni and the last 3 balls of darkness.

By K.S.Divya

Bangladesh were almost over the line. Then Dhoni Happened! Who could have thought that the india versus Bangladesh game would go down to the wire? Even if some ardent Indian fans were hoping for a miracle in the last over, all their hopes were dashed with those two boudaries from Mushfiqur Rahim. However there is one man in the Indian team named Mahendra Singh Dhoni who writes his own destiny.His last ball run out where he sprinted like Usain Bolt to knock out the stumps at the striker’s end was a master stroke.

With Two runs needed off one ball, Pandya bowled it a little wide and Shuvagata Hom failed to connect. It was down to skipper M S Dhoni and Mustafizur Rahman, who was trying to reach the striker’s end. Dhoni, who already had a glove off, ran towards the stumps and beat Mustafizur in a photo finish.
It was another Dhoni mad scramble that had perhaps led to this state in the first place. Not really, but hey, don’t let facts get in way of some romance. It was the final delivery of India’s innings, and Dhoni had hit the ball to long-on and wanted two.
Indians had their hearts in the mouth for most parts of the game.

“When bowlers are unable to take wickets then Indian skipper M S Dhoni does it from behind the stumps.” Tweets like these started trending on Twitter when Indian skipper effected the brilliant stumping to end Sabbir Rahman’s cameo. Is there a better wicket keeper than Dhoni at the moment? Meanwhile twitterati started referring him as god by using the one liner — “DHONI IS GOD”.
A terrible day in coffee had turned down in flash. As the bails flashed, Dhoni and his men went berserk and celebrated the win in front of a jubilant, relieved crowd.
For years, since he won that first World T20 in 2007 and ushered in a new era in Indian cricket, MS Dhoni has been given a street name of “lucky captain”. Take a trip around India and you’ll find the Indian captain’s name intertwined with myth, lore, love and luck among the cricket faithfuls.
As Harsha Bhogle truly said, “The Legend of Dhoni just grew.”
For lack of a better word, people call Dhoni lucky. So he is, by definition, a force that causes good or bad things to happen.
It was not Dhoni the captain who won India the game, it was Dhoni the wicket-keeper, Dhoni the phenomenon, Dhoni the anomaly, Dhoni the force.
How did he know to put Ravindra Jadeja at mid-wicket before the fifth ball so he could take that blinder of a catch of Mahmudullah? How did India clinch one of the greatest T20 victories in the last three balls when Bangladesh had been winning it for the first 239 (counting wides) of them? Until we know better, let’s just call it luck.


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