Weekday Blues & Hunger Pangs? Lose your Heart to Zerruco 

Food Review Brigade for the Day : Kanchi Shah, Srishti Oberoi & Suchaina Mehan 

Prima Facie Thoughts 

Located at the back of Ashok Hotel, Chankyapuri, Zerruco is nothing less than classy.

A Mediterranean and Italian fine dining restaurant, it does not disappoint in any way. The outdoor seating is as beautiful as the indoor seating. With beautiful sofa chairs, glass tables and European lamps, the place looks brightly lit and so cosy.

The embellished wall, beautiful Europeans lamps, proper sofas and chairs made the whole indoor area look equally elite. It will definitely give you the feel of a deconstructed midtown warehouse. The huge bar with skilled bartenders ready at your service had a huge collection of liquors and juices. The whole ambience of the place is simply spectacular.
True to its tagline, Zerruco serves mouth-watering dishes and truly feels “Heaven On A Plate” & you’ll soon know why! 

The moment we sat, we were served with a tempting bread basket, with a variety of breads and three different sauces. So much for hospitality! And look at our haul, documented in pictures. 


A Hearty Welcome! 

Next we were served with 3 types of salads-

1. Beetroot and goat cheese salad- The way this salad was presented made us want to eat it right away. The taste was equally good.


2. Asparagus and orange salad- The Asparagus and orange salad had a tangy taste. The crispy lettuce gives the perfect balance to the whole taste. It makes your taste buds go on a blissful trip to the tropical islands.


3. Grilled chicken pesto salad- The salad which had well cooked chicken was made in pesto dressing. The veggies and bread crumbs completed the whole salad. It was so crunchy and creamy. This one was the best out of the three salads.


Snacking made Organic & Healthy! 

1. French Brie with Cranberry sauce- They were basically cheese fried fingers. But the outer crust was super crunchy and the inside was dripping with cheese. The sauce was sweet and completed the dish perfectly.
2. Chilli Lime Grilled Riversole- Grilled fish with a tinge of lemon had the perfect taste. The fish was perfectly cooked and soft. The grilled taste of the dish went well with the tarter sauce. “Spot on”, is what we felt about it.


3. Chef Special Non-Veg Mezze Platter-

This will remind you of an Arab city instantly. 

 It included Pita breads and 5 dips namely: Beetroot Hummus, Tajski Curd dip, Hummus, Muhammara dip and Garlic Oil dip. All of them had a good taste. The platter consisted of

  • Prawns, which were a sight to look and a meal to taste!
  • Chicken tasted creamy & made for a scrumptious bite. 
  • Seekh kababs were just the right flavour. 
  • Potato wedges were crispy and well cooked. They were well seasoned.
  • Fish was flaky, like it should be and had a good blend of the appropriate spices.

The platter also consisted of Dates and almond coated with white chocolate and roasted almonds & seasoned olives. Planning a trip to Dubai? Save those bucks and head to Zerruco. 

…And now, Main Course! 

1. Calizone Pizza 


It was more like an XXL pizza pocket that made it look spectacular. It had loads of vegetables, all perfectly cooked, with abundance of cheese that melted in your mouth.

2. Paella- 


The richness of the yellow hue of this Spanish dish just stole our heart away. This dish consisted of rice and prawns, majorly. The prawns were perfectly cooked and had an amazing tenderness to them. This dish is an absolute must for people who love sea food.

3. Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli


This was heaven on earth. A dish to make you swoon. It had perfectly cooked ravioli with tasteful spinach and mushroom filling in it. The creamy sauce was just like a cherry on top.

4. Chef Special Kebab Masakal- 



Perfect rice with perfectly cooked kebabs of chicken, fish and prawns. It was served with a special chutney that gave the dish a punch of tanginess and just made for a perfect appetizing main course. We know why they call it Chef’s special now!
Anybody call for a Sweet Tooth? 

We believe that the starters and main course do to the stomach what deserts do to the heart. Zerruco just takes that magic to the next level of perfection. 

1. Banofee Pie– A must must must have. The crispness of the cookie, the flavour of the banana and toffee filling and the whipped cream, what else can one ask for. All flavours perfectly bound together can lift up anyone’s mood. 

(Now you know where to go after a bad day at work!)
2. Tiramisu- For all the coffee lovers, a 100% must have. The gooey texture of the sponge and the creaminess of the moussé, leaves us salivating for more.

3. Baked Cheesecake– Not very sweet, not very bland. This beauty was bang on for people who do not indulge in too much of sweetness.

4. Chocolate Decadence– For all the dark chocolate lovers, this is what you guys have been looking for. The overflow of chocolate with the perfect chocolate sponge will make you swoon.
Thirst Quenchers & Soothe Sayers! 

1. Orange Blossom – The best thirst quenching mocktail anyone can ever have. From the presentation to the taste to the coolness, everything was spot on.

2. Pink River- True to its name, it had the most beautiful pink that bought us the calmness of the river. Having the major flavours of Gin and Lemon Grass, it is a must try.

3. Aromatic Melody- Major contents being world class whisky and orange, it’ll take the heart away of anyone who loves strong flavours.


Here’s the Verdict! 

We give Zerruco a 5/5 for ambiance, 4/5 for food, 4/5 for service.

If you crave for good food and a perfect ambiance, then this is what you’ve been looking for.


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