Top 10 bands of our generation.

By Anuj Nawal


“Ah, Music! A magic beyond what we do here!”

-Albus Dumbledore.
This is a list of a group of musicians that have made our memories magical with their music. Cheers to these people! (These results are calculated on the basis of a survey conducted among a group of teenagers. Personal choices may vary and are respected.)
10) The killers
Are we humans. Or are we dancers?
This American rock band formed in 2001 won multiple hearts with their hits Somebody told me and Mr.Brightside. They have delivered hits like Shot at night, Human, Just Another girl, Read my mind. If you like Alternative rock , you might find this band interesting.


9) Beatles
John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the vocal leads of Beatles made people fall in love with their lyrics and music. Beatles gave excellent music like Hey Jude, A day in life, Let it be and are known for their legendary music of all time.

8) Linkin Park
Chester was the role model of multiple teenagers when they were young. There was a time when people used to discuss about English Music, Linkin park was one of the prominent names and one can never forget the Linkin Park – JayZ collaboration.  A band that will forever live in our hearts this band requires no introduction.


7) Greenday
I walk a lonely road, the only one that I’ve ever known
Formed in 1986, Billie Joe Armstrong gave a definition to punk rock at that time. Songs relished till now, Greenday had to be in this list.

6) Backstreet Boys
Formed in 1993, this boy band won hearts of multiple female fans all over the world. As long as you love me, Show me the meaning, Love is are just some of the songs that were hit worldwide.

5) OneRepublic
Led by Ryan tedder, OneRepublic started delivering excellent music since their first album. Songs like Secrets, Counting stars, If I lose myself  were popular among the teenagers. The alternative rock music made by this album easily connected with millions of people.

4) Imagine Dragons
This band from Las Vegas made rock more popular by giving the songs lyrics that are hard to forget. Songs like Demons, Radioactive, On top of the world made this band an instant hit.


3) Maroon5
Loved by everyone, Adam Levine sang songs that were loved by the generation for its music and lyrics. Maroon5 showed variety in their genre by making songs that’d made people cry to songs that’d make you tap your feet even in your saddest times. Songs like She will be loved, Won’t go home without you, Payphone, Animals prove that Maroon5 can give a variety of music.

2) The Script
This London based band formed in 2001, wrote songs like Hall of fame, If you could see me now, Nothing, Breakeven, Man who can’t be moved. Personally this is one of my favourite bands and I would suggest everyone to listen to them as their songs are easy to relate to with music that will buzz in your ears throughout the day.

1) Coldplay
Need I say more? If you haven’t listened to Coldplay, you have to. Chris Martin is a legend. For starters try Viva la vida, Yellow, Paradise, Fix you, magic, sky full of stars and many more. Thank me later.


There are many bands that I wasn’t able to mention in this list. To all those music makers and the lovers of their music, I am sorry! But these according to me and a small survey conducted are the top TEN bands for the generation.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I completely agree with Coldplay being at number 1! However, I can’t help but be disappointed with the inclusion of Backstreet Boys. Personally, I think Radiohead, Oasis or even 30 seconds to Mars could have comfortably fit into this list! Just a thought. An interesting post and did make me think about the best bands of our generation.


  2. rupali says:

    umm..mean no offence but that list sucks big time


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