This Holi, Go Vert! 

Correspondents : Kanchi Shah & Shivangi Gautam (Behind the lens) 

How many of us go for a vacation and come back with a business

Not many of us right?

 But Anupama Malhotra is one woman, who went for a Euro-trip and came up with the idea of handmade beauty products. Founded in 2011, Vert, is all about Fresh & Handmade natural soaps, toiletries, bath & body products.
Aren’t we all conscious about our skin? About the chemicals that will ruin our skin? If you are, then Vert is for you.

All the products use natural products and are 100% vegetarian. They also make their products in a smoke free environment. Made with the finest oils, herbs & botanicals, Vert has more than 20 types of different product varieties. The whole range includes face wash, body wash, lip scrub, perfumes and shampoos to name a few.

Before you buy, here’s a listicle of the product that’ll best suit you!

For enhancing & revitalising your Beautiful face : 

1. Face wash – They come for both Oily as well as dry skin.


2. Face scrub – They come in 5 different flavors and are available for all types of skin. 

  • Their Fresh apple face scrub is for combination skin. 
  • Fresh cucumber face scrub is for oily skin. 
  • Saffron milk face scrub is for dry and sensitive skin which can also be used as makeup remover as well as for face whitening and cleansing. 
  • The Cocoa butter cream cleanser can be used as makeup remover as well as cleansing of face. 
  • Their last face scrub is Almond powder which is for Oily skin. It can also be used to remove face tan.


3. Face cream
– Vert has 2 different flavours for their face cream which helps removing pigmentation from the skin. They aid in whitening and glowing of the face. It will also hydrate your skin. A good reason to throw away your harmful bleach!

4. Face elixir –
  It helps in giving a natural glow to the skin and helps in tightening of the skin.


5. Face wash –
 It comes in 4 flavors for different skin types and needs to be kept in fridge. When you have no time for facial, apply it for 5 min and voilá! Your skin will be glowing.


For Soft hands, 

1. Hand cream– It repairs damaged hands and comes in 3 flavors- Almond, Lavender and Sheer Butter


For Happy feet, 

1. Foot creams- They come in 2 flavors and helps to repair the cracks in your heels.

2. Foot scrub- They can also be found in 2 flavors which helps in removing tanning of your feet and makes it soft.

For Luscious lips, 

1. Lip balm – Vert keeps everything natural. No preservative no sulphate. The best for your lips. It gives a glossy look and keeps it hydrated for more than 24 hours. 

There are 4 flavors in lip balm

  • Rose,
  • strawberry, 
  • Cocoa butter and 
  • orange

2. Lip scrub-
Fresh orange, cane sugar with kokum butter strawberry , vanilla creme , cane sugar with kokum butter. These are the 4 flavors which you will find. Lip scrubs help in removing lip tan as well as the lines and layers on your lips.


For Thick, Ravenous hair:

1. Hair shampoo and conditioner-
Vert has 4 flavors in shampoo and 2 flavors in conditioner. The ingredients are all natural hence no damage to your hair.


2. Hair mask-
It is to reduce hair falling and dandruff. Natural ingredients helps alot which gives effective results. 


For Relaxing The Body,  

1. Body butters-
Since they use all natural ingredients hence no thick foam in the body butter


2. Body lotion-
The texture of the lotio is so light that it will blend with skin perfectly.

3. Full Body scrub-
It will remove the body tan from first application and comes for all types of skin and that too all in different flavors. 

  • For dry skin Vert has Saffron sugar & Milk. 
  • For combination skin, Orange Burst and Olive,
  • and for Oily skin there is Cafe Almond and Demerara sugar


4. Body wash-
coming in 3 flavors, the Vert body wash gives hyderation to your body as well as effectively removes the tan.
Besides these products they have Natural makeup and Eyeshadow, Solid as well as Liquid perfumes, Bathing soap, Bathing Salt and Shower smoothie whipped soap etc. 

So many products and so many varieties, and that too all made with natural ingredients sourced across the globe to make the products with a contemporary twist. The affordable prices makes them all the more attractive.

So next time you go to DLF Saket or DLF Gurgaon, don’t forget to go to their store and have a look at the wide range of products Vert has to offer!

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