The Light 

Poet – Amrita Bhatia 

Darkness, blackness everywhere,

Where is the light?

Where am I, how did I get here,

Blindfolded and cuffed up tight? 

My bloody wrists and numb senses,

Ache to feel the world again. 

For I know not, how long it has been,

For how long I have been trapped in this den,

I speak not only of the bars I am behind,

But the contest for the Almighty. 

Among these architects of destruction,

Building days into endless night.

When will the sun rise, this struggle end,

So I may turn on the light?


Fathomless screams of fright and terror,

Killing, slaughtering, shooting,

My ears cannot bear it any longer, 

These sounds of horrendous shrieking. 

Though they opened my blinds, 

And I can see the world again, but

My voice, that had long wanted to scream,

Is voiceless in this futile bargain. 

‘My god is superior’, said he,

She replied, ‘My religion is most mighty’. 

They took their arms and battled all night,

And soon the war transcended into their life. 

Not one, not two, but many are caught,

Some have escaped, but others could not. 

Still in the dark, I see one thing clearly,

Our beautiful Mother Earth,

Has become a tale of echoing melancholy. 


Find the light and switch it on, I plead,

For I am unable to discover,

The light is lost, at the end of the tunnel,

The tunnel of infinite terror. 


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