“FWB” gone wrong!

Writer- Shanaya Sadh
Have you ever choked on love?
Well, she did. And it shook her up from every single cell in her body, to her nerves and to the hair on her skin.
Her legs were on top of his and he lay there on the bed with his head taking the support of his arm, while the other one caressed the skin on her waist like nobody’s ever could.
It was like taking a free flight on a business class to the staggering doors of heaven itself.
She held his hand and spread it apart so she could place her head on it and lie in his embrace. Time became a notion of uncertainty for before she could gasp in the episode, she’d graciously surrendered into his dominance. Her upper body was naked in the depth of his arms and the warmth of his skin that felt bizarrely home-like. His tongue explored her mouth in ways she couldn’t fathom existed. Her feet were entangled within his, while their naked bodies hugged each other like they’d never let go even if eternities ceased to exist.


They tossed and turned on each other and the seven heavens lit up each time he went inside her. Her hair fell on his face while she kissed him fervently never letting go of his tongue, so he took the strands and placed them at the back of her ear and placed his hand on her cheeks and somewhere in the middle of it, he surrendered too. She saw the reflection of her soul in his eyes and the overwhelming desperation in her, refused to leave his body for even a moment.
She was choking on it.
It was spellbinding but choking her at the same time, for the rush of emotions inside her skin refused to quiet down or slow their pace. In the midst of those five seconds when she made the mistake of looking into his eyes while they kissed impassionedly, she fell in love. Hard. So they slept for a while after beguiling moments of humor and love and he held her hand fearing she’d slip out of his reach and she smiled because that’s how she wanted him to hold her for as long as he could.

Romance erotica - romantic-couple-Couple-Paare-Couples-loVv-Kiltit-sensual-for-Pete_large

Both of them were not new to any of this. But she surely was new to the emotions that had just come into existence for her. So they wore their clothes and parted ways after warm smiles and a hug, both of them hoping to meet each other soon. But that night when she went home, while he slept peacefully in his room, she felt homesick. For him. She was in love but he probably wasn’t.
It was a Friends With Benefits deal gone wrong for her.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gloverdeb says:

    It always go wrong. It is never right, someone would always fall in love, someone will be left heartbroken.


  2. gloverdeb says:

    It always go wrong. It is never right, someone falls in love and gets heartbroken.


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