Are words like water?

Poet- Ayushi Goyal

As a poet I thought
while in the shower,
with water in my veins
and the absence of my blood.
You can only breathe
when your lungs are being flooded.
Felt a bit strange and pondered…
Are words really like water?

Word by word create a poem,
drop by drop make an ocean.
words are boundless,
and water is infinite.
Since some infinities are bigger than other infinities,
Can we really say
words are like water?


Never sure which it is,
that flows in my veins,
think it may be words or may be water!
Words create, words destroy
and water is beauteous but
at times grotesque.

We never know the worth
of water till the well is dry.
Exactly like until the paper is blank,
we never know the worth of the words;
how potently good and evil they become,
when one knows how to combine them.

Water in the ocean,
how addictively poisonous for adventure and
danger it becomes,
for the one who knows how to play with it.


A tongue has no bones
But it’s already strong,
to break a heart or make a life.
And just like that, life sometimes
takes you into deep waters,
not to drown you but to
cleanse your soul.

We make beau coup resemblance
of words and water.
Now can we really say that words are for sure like water?


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