Vote for Donald Trump

By Kanchi Shah

Donald Trump? You mean the charismatic guy who is loved by all and had promised to “Make America Great Again”? All of you who are against him and are throwing dirt at him need to know some of his great qualities which make him a great candidate for the president of USA. Considering that he has inherited a whole lot of money from his father and his successful running businesses, there is no doubt about him being an independent candidate who can fund himself on his own. As told in an interview by him to Fox News, he said that, he self funded his campaign and spent $20,000-25,000. Although, according to Federal Election Commission, he has taken a loan of $17,534,058 and has personally given only $250,318.



Never mind, we will talk about his successful business ventures. He has rightly said that, “If I put my name on something, you know it’s gonna be good”. Let’s take for an example the Trump magazine or Trump World magazine. Oh wait! No. These are no longer available as they folded. But, let’s move on and talk about Trump University. Okay, let’s ignore the fact that it is being sued for defrauding the students. Other business ventures by Mr. Trump include, ‘Trump shuttle’ and ‘Trump Vodka’, both of which no longer exists and was discontinued respectively. But hey, at least he tried! The most amazing quality about Trump is that he is very, very honest. Though the website PolitiFact seems to have a different opinion on this matter. And let me tell you, PolitiFact’s reporters and editors fact-check statements from the White House, Congress, candidates, advocacy groups and more.


In the world where people are praying for peace and no war, here is our very own Donald Trump making statements about how if he won, he wouldn’t allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States claiming that they are “probably” ISIS. Now, who would want to help out the people in need? Not you and me right? Not just that, Trump casually says that he would put an end to all Muslim immigration in the US. It did not affect him at all that his comments are slightly offensive or racist, since religious freedom is not that important right? Let me quote for you what Trump had to say about the people of Mexico. “When Mexico sends it’s people, they’re not sending their best”, was what he had declared in June, “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” He wishes to build a wall at the borders, because the only solution to every problem is to put borders between countries and to divide them. Isn’t it?



Unsurprisingly Trump has made some comments about women in the times where the roles and status of women are dramatically changing. One of the most interesting comments he made was and I quote, “I don’t want to talk about it.. no, it’s too disgusting. Don’t say it, it’s disgusting”, referring to Hillary Clinton taking a bathroom break during a Democratic debate. One can only say that Trump was naive for not knowing that women pee and poop as well and this recent discovery must have disgusted him. He is what we call a male chauvinist. Women like Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres etc. have made a name for themselves in this big world where there are still people who do not hesitate from making sexist comments. Trump did not stop here. He went as far as commenting on the physical appearance of some women like Carly Fiorina, a women polition, Arianna Huffington, and Heidi Klum about how they are ugly inside out or how they are not a perfect 10 anymore. It is amusing to see that women are still judged on the basis of whether they are a perfect 10 or not.


Moreover for an intelligent man, Donald Trump surely makes some “great” choices. Associating with Vladimir Putin is one of them, though he has ignored all the warning about his ‘friendship’ with him. Putin, president of Russia, who headed the Federal Security Service(FSB)  and who with Yeltsin regime deliberately blew up apartment buildings in three Russian cities including Moscow. Not just that, Putin never hesitates to lie about political matters while talking to the media and was also tthe one who ordered a hybrid war against Ukraine; killing more than 9000 people! Now, why wouldn’t Trump not want to associate with Putin who has consistently said that USA is considered number one enemy to them.
The funny side of the story now, is that after claiming that he and Putin would get along really well with Putin also welcoming that claim of, Tump in his recent campaign video put Putin and an ISIS militant side by side under the title ‘enemies.’


Doesn’t he make the best candidate for the USA presidential elections?

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