Samant Chauhan takes The Silk Route!

Traversing thousands of miles like Marco polo, on horsebacks mostly, through uncharted desserts, over steep mountain passes, exposed to extreme weathers, to wild animals and very uncivilised tribes men, we present this autumn Rajputana – travelling through a myth laden silk route along Nepal, Tibet and China covered with wild and exotic landscape.

This group of fearless people with their sheer grit and courage combined with well-equipped utilitarian gear manage to survive the harsh weather conditions and avert any hostile attacks. 

Rajputana collection takes you back to middle ages where travellers along silk roads were attracted not only by the trade but also by art and cultural exchange. 

The journey of Rajputana culminates in Mangolia- a country rich in ancient heritage and unique beauty. Thus we see predominance of oriental influence in the Rajputana this time.


Samant Chauhan is a Delhi based designer working on hand embroideries and Indian textiles.

 His collection silhouettes are simple, structured and basic. The look of every garment is delicately achieved by going back to the yarn stage via treating not only to the garment but fabric as well. 

This adds uniqueness and makes his collection stand out from the other designers. Fashion to him is not just a popular trend, but also a basic form of representation that is conceptual and envisioned by a strong sense of individuality and persona. 

He is a strong believer of the versatility, his current collection is based on Bhagalpur weaving techniques and skilled craftsmanship, Samant gives credit to these craftsmen for backing his ideas of ever evolving and innovative fabrics. His colors remain very earthy and rustic capturing the nature. 

The label, ‘SAMANT CHAUHAN’ today has come a long way retailing in multiple multi-brand stores globally.

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  1. Lucinda Poulsen says:

    Beautiful collection !


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