‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ How much is it necessary to showcase your patriotism ?

By Vaishnavi Sharma

Love for the country, that feeling of pride that we experienced on every republic day or Independence day celebrations in our school was ineffable. As a child we saw the tri-colour flag unfurl in the majestic blue sky and the national anthem being played in the background, in that moment every Indian is one, bounded by one thing and one thing only, love for the country.

Recently an AIMIA MLA was suspended from the Maharashtra assembly for making derogatory remarks about India after he refused to say ‘Bharat mata ki jai‘ just because it wasn’t mentioned in the Constitution of India. Patriotism has now just been reduced to a mere term, rather than a feeling, when it comes to us, the citizens of India. Love for the country is what is driving the young army men to fight the enimies on the border, the same love is the reason behind the constant and impeccable efforts put forth to make our country progress but a cricket match between India and Pakistan is probably the only thing that makes us feel much more patriotic towards our country, rather than anything else.It is not necessary to portray our love for our country on unnecessary events but it is imperative not to condemn and discuss the faults and problems that our country is currently experiencing.

Patriotism is not a term that can be used as a veil to justify extremist or irrational acts or to instigate political activities or protests, but it’s a feeling to motivate and sensitize the youth towards our nations values and its respect. As a young citizen of this country, I too am unhappy by the way our political scenario or the society is working. I am dissatisfied with various laws, judicial system and how ignorant we are of our rights and values, but at the same time i am reminded of the fact that India is the largest democracy in the world, that we have a diverse and varied culture. I am proud of the rich cultural heritage and fauna.

The fact that we are strong at army front and we are progressive in our steps towards a better and developed nation is already making me proud. No country is perfect, but the population of 1.3 billion people is our biggest strength. And still by getting asked to prove our patriotism just by uttering a slogan is not only naive but a mere underestimation of the nations patriotic values.


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  1. Kapil Mitra Advocate says:

    Very well written. I guess Indian population as of now is1.25 Billion. China might be 2 Billion. Please verify and make correction if need be.


    1. azizchikly says:

      Thank you for your response. Your above recommended correction has been studied and corrected upon based on United Nations estimation as of till date.


  2. Manish Arora says:

    Yes, patriotism cannot be measured by chanting of a slogan, but what is the problem in chanting it? Why does a religion doesn’t allow to chant such a slogan? What is hidden in their minds? To whom and which country are these people loyal that they feel anger on chanting of such slogans?


  3. Mansi sharma says:

    Well written Vaishnavi, like all other feelings patriotism too should be measured by deeds and not by words


  4. rashmeet kaur says:

    Beautiful article….u have made a gud start dear….ur saying would surely gonna influence the young generation…keep going. …


  5. Dr. Richa Mehrishi says:

    Well written !!!


  6. RICHA ahuja says:

    Very well written…..liked it


  7. Deepika Dutt says:

    You have nicely summed up the feelings of most of the Indians at this point of time


  8. Vandana katial says:

    Very well written dear keep it up i totally agree that patriotism is just not saying that u luv ur country but ur actions sould show that how much u luv ur country accept n luv it with all its negative n positive aspects as u do wid ur dearest ones


  9. Mansi sharma says:

    Well written Vaishnavi, like all other emotions patriotism too should be measured by deeds and not by words


  10. Vandana katial says:

    Well said dear luv ur country by heart with all its negative n positive aspects as we love our dear ones


  11. Bhavya says:

    Partriotism is an inherent feeling and it is what that cannot be forced on someone so patriotism cannot be in just words if u r patriotic then that is sufficient u need not to show someone that u r patriotic .


  12. Pooja says:

    V well written….


  13. Sonia Sharma says:

    very nice article …well done vaishnavi


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