The a-fallen rise

POET- Harman Singh Manocha

The a-fallen rise

The dead of the lost soul creep out melody, profound

The washed sins ooze out red wine

The fleshless body stands fierce

The gloom in the dry eye glint

The death has been subdued

The life lay aside

The heartless corpse walks in the white,

For love and glory it has to, unite


The a-fallen rise

I puff your memories

A tear falls, an eye swells

Whiff throb my ear, I gulp

I gulp the current, verge on nigh in the apparent

My toes freeze, and head sweats, I yearn

I yearn you my heart kaput, our love beats

My chest inflates and deflates rashly

My carcass rests against the crib

The crib smells of you

Am still allied to you

I puff your memories



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