In conversation with Ishpuneet Singh, Founder, MadAboutParties! 

Correspondent – Aastha Jain 

“Live a life you don’t need a vacation from”, is undoubtedly the mantra for the life of 20-year-old Ishpuneet Singh, the founder and owner of a Delhi based event & entertainment company named MadAboutParties (MAP). 

This company was born in 2012 with a dream to cater to the unfulfilled desires of party seeking students of Delhi schools and colleges. 

Since then, there is no stopping. 

MAP grew as a event management company , providing people with the next level partying experience!

They have an interestingly versatile palette and aim at being creative & innovative with the kind of events they organize. 

Talking about their clientele, it’s grown from school reunions, college fests and trips to corporate events, pre-wedding functions & theme parties. 

MAP has made a mark in every field and being the favourite amongst the Delhi peeps, has a long way to go! Here’s a teté-a-teté with Mr. Ishpuneet Singh, the man behind MAP. 

1. Tell us about Mad About Parties(MAP). What is it and how it came into existence? 

It’s a long story.. in short, I was keen on finding my passion and making money out of it. I founded MAP to make students like me, feel happy and make them have fun from the mundane school/college life. 

2. Graduation, family, friends and of course MAP, your plate is evidently full. What drives you to wake up every day and do what you do? 


I try to work harder towards building an empire. I know I’m far from it as of now, but I know something – If I keep working, It will happen. 

3. What according to you is a perfect party?

If the attendees are happy, it’s a perfect party! 

4. Where do you see MAP in say, 10 years? 

I see MAP as one of the leading and most versatile event management companies. 

5. Any advice for the budding entrepreneurs?

Just keep working towards building your dreams and never give up. 

6. You’re about to turn 21. Being a party animal that you are, how do you plan to celebrate the date? 

Talking as of now, nothing has been planned. I hope to just have a good time with my loved ones! 

7. Quickies: 

Your inspiration? – My Mother 

Personal favourite party that you organised?  – DUF (Delhi University Freshers) is an all time favourite!

Currently working on? – Myself. 

Your fav place to party in Delhi? – I prefer house parties. 

If you could do one thing differently, what would it be? – Make the right choice of friends.


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