A Day In The Life of Pranay Pachauri 

Correspondents : Kanchi Shah & Shefali Deshpande 

Let’s be honest, how many of us have stood in front of the television and dreamt of becoming a famous actor? We surely have! 
But how many of such dreams of a life of glamour, luxury & unparalleled fame come true? Very few. 
Among those many dreamers, was a kid who followed his dreams and is now a rising star, a phenomenon in the making. 
 We all know him from his YouTube show, What’s Trending India. His debut movie was Timeout for which his perfomance was highly appreciated. He is also a part of the series of Webisodes titled ‘Alisha’ which has won him love and critical acclaim, alike. Who can forget his stint with Mandana Karimi that has now become a popular GIF? 
The famous vlogger and an upcoming bollywood star gets candid with us. Find out what happens when you step into the shoes of Pranay Pachauri, The Star in The Making. 
1. As an actor, you’re in the creative field, an artist, and we’re sure you’re fully aware of the negativity people have in this world behind the lens. How do you deal with all the negativity and criticism, because everyone believes in today’s world they have the right to critique, what is your mantra to not let any self doubt play on your mind because of negativity and non constructive criticism? 
Surround yourself with People who believe in your dreams, that is my mantra- it helps me stay positive, confident about myself and motivated because these people are the people who will always support you in your times of need, they make you feel positive about yourself on day to day basis and that goes along, they give you the necessary constructive criticism and are a really strong emotional support so that leaves no scope for negativity in my life. 

I by nature am very happy-go-lucky and I always look at the bright side of things even when they go terribly wrong. 

You know how the book The Secret talks about “Laws of Attraction” which simply states that positive thoughts attract positive things to you in your life and it does so, I shut myself and distance away from any negativity and non constructive criticism.

 I am my own biggest critique and I love and enjoy my craft and that leaves no room for self doubt. 
2. What is the one thing you do and wish you didn’t and one thing you can’t seem to or don’t do but wish you could? 

One thing that I do & I wish I didn’t,  would be hitting the Snooze button far too often and then cursing my self later because of laziness. 

 One thing I can’t do but I wish I could would be cooking, wish I could learn to cook but I just dont have the patience.. only enjoying eating not cooking! 
3. The wildest thing you’ve ever done is? 

The wildest and The Craziest thing I’ve ever done is my Trek to Triund, Mcleod Ganj with my brother and best friend,  which is an 11 km trek towards Indrahaar pass at 9000 feet above sea level at a time when the entire trek was covered with snow. 

I had no proper equipment or shoes, just a bag of clothes and dry fruits and Old Monk.

 Its a treacherous trek especially when you arent equipped, there were moments when I almost slipped to my death and there was no turning back and we had to climb up and down the same day with hardly any rest. I dont think I’ve felt so exhausted both emotionally and mentally ever in my life.. from almost dying or getting serious injuries to making it to the top and back down. 

It changed my life, my perspective. I’ve attached a picture from triund you will often find me showing off to others! (Laughs)

4. Who is your icon, fictional or real people, dead or alive, who is the person or character you look upto? 

I am a Huge Bhakt of The Badass among Gods- Lord Shiva! 

I get immense strength, will power and inspiration from him. I have always found him to be so mysterious, intriguing yet inspiring and super intelligent and my parents ofcourse, their struggles, their hardwork and sacrifice. 

They have made me who I am and it is entirely because of them that im here fortunate enough to follow my dreams. 
5. Why acting? Why did you, coming from a non-filmy background, choose to pursue this path? 

As a child I always found story telling to be my forte – whether it was lying , making up stories at school or just day dreaming about them. 

 I have a universe of stories and characters in my head and its intoxicating.. I simply love it. 

I honestly chose this path because nothing else excited me, nothing else moved me. 


6. What are a few movies that you think the youth of the world should definitely watch, and why? How did these movies impact you?

Movies are nothing but stories, some move you and some don’t but they definitely leave an impact on you. I think the youth should watch all kind of genres in movies because you never know which movie might inspire you or change your perspective. 

I dont have any favorite movie in the world,  I look at them as stories but the movies that really moved me are 

  • Rocky the series – For Inspirational reasons!  A journey of a man becoming a boxing champion,  a man getting knocked down but still getting up back and still being humble.  Its just True Grit and all of us should strive to have such mental will, character and never bowing down or giving up in challenging times.
  •   Into the Wild – which just makes you want to travel and explore a different side of yourself and nature
  •    Jodha-Akbar –  just because I love mughal history and the Emperor Akbar. 

7. Tell us about your childhood.

I was born in Lucknow, that’s why I love Kebabs, brought up in Mathura for 3 years where I absorbed all the Lord Krishna qualities to be charming among girls! 

I moved to Delhi where I spent most of my growing years studying, fighting and day dreaming and from there I moved to Bangalore where I learnt how to be sophisticated and romanced both South Indian girls and food and then back to Delhi for college and now Mumbai for my dreams. 

 All in all it has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. I was never a nerd or a topper at studies but I used to score really well in the subjects I loved. 

I was known for being a prankster and very mischievous and I always used to jump at the opportunity of being involved in dramatics at school. Baksetball, Dramatics and Movies were life for me and I’m still growing and consider this phase as my childhood as I’m still a child at heart and in school but now, of life and still learning.
8. Talking of TimeOut, your launchpad, it must’ve been a challenging role considering that people in India are still hesitant to accept homosexuality. How did you bag this role and how did you fit into the character? 

I think if anything has the power to change the mass mindset of a country, it is cinema. Movies on social issues and stigma should be encouraged as they are nothing but a reflection of our society and if we want to live in a better world we would have to start by changing ourselves & by making our understanding better about issues. 

I had heard about this audition that was going for a film in Delhi through a mutual friend, just dropped in & I met the director-  Rikhil Bahadur and he was looking for someone who plays basketball and can act, luckily I was a basketball player and acting came naturally to me so I gave the audition and he really liked and wanted me on-board.. It was unbelievable how it happened! 

Getting signed by viacom18,  my dream of being an actor was materializing right infront of my eyes. 

I guess the universe really does conspire for things to happen for you if you really want something that bad.
9. How did you feel facing the camera for the first time? Do you feel any difference between YouTube and films?

Facing cameras for the first time was challenging, I was really nervous since I had never taken any acting training or camera training before but you know when the director says Action, I get lost in the moment and then I don’t think about camera, I think as the character and so for me the camera vanishes.

 In Films its a character that you’re portraying , the character will have certain body language and you are in a different world, you’re basically living someone else’s story but Youtube is totally you and your personality, you dont have to be an actor to be a youtuber,  you vlog about your interests, you vlog about your life. 

On how to be a popular youtuber ? that depends on how interesting your viewers find you and your content. 
10. What is your daily schedule like? 

No day is alike, I am either shooting for various projects that I’m currently doing and when not shooting, I’m either watching movies or reading books.
11. A big hug to all your female fans and a personalised shoutout to all the males please! 

Lots of love all of you! 

Remember, “Its False when people say that You only Live Once , You live Everyday , You only Die once.”, so make everyday count and pursue what you love, work hard and be nice to people, its all worth it in the end. 

Thank You for hearing me out, whosoever is reading this article I hope it puts a smile on your face.  


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  1. Arvind says:

    A very good interview of Pranay, where he has spoken heart out and true facts of his life. A truly passionate , natural actor with very bright future


    1. Thank you! Keep following our website for more


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