10 ugly deeds by Indian politicians that will leave you baffled

By Tenzin Khando

Issues such as power abuse, extortion, scams have become a regular occurrence in the indian political circle, but we promise you that the following ugly deeds by Indian politicians will leave you baffled.

  1. BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi.

March 18, 2016. BJP MLA from Mussoorie, Ganesh Joshi was captured ruthlessly for beating up a police horse named Shatiman with a lathi. He was protesting against the Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat for misusing the funds. Shaktiman was taken to Indian Military Academy’s Veterinary Hospital and doctors said the horse’s leg will have to be amputated. (Hindustan Times)

(While some recent reports have surfaced that claim that Shaktiman’s leg actually got stuck in a railing leading to the serious injury, people call it a plot by the Congressmen to topple over the majority scale in favour of Mr. Harish Rawat).

2. AAP MLA Mahinder Yadav.


Jan 29, 2016. AAP’s Vikaspuri MLA, Mahinder Yadav joined a protest near Nihal Vihar area, the protest was seeking action against a sexual criminal. Police stated that Yadav led a violent protest where the protesters burnt down some vehicles and also claimed that Yadav assaulted a government official. (Hindustan Times)

3. Congress MP N. Raghuveera Reddy.

October 4, 2015. The State Congress Committee President of Andhra Pradesh, N. Raghuveera Reddy was welcomed by the Congress workers of Kovvuru town in the most bizarre way. Party activists tied live pigeons to firecracker rockets and set them ablaze. Pigeons were stuffed in a paper cone and were sealed. Then it was lighted with a bidi. The rocket went up and the pigeons fell dead and roasted on the ground.
(India Today)

4. BJP MLAs Laxman Savadi & CC Patil.


8th Feb 2012. Two BJP Ministers were caught watching porn during state assembly meeting. Karnataka state Minister for Cooperation, Laxman Savadi was seen sharing a porn clip with his colleague CC Patil, the minister for women and child’s development during the assembly meeting.
“We live in a country where there is this social mindset that women are disposable commodities and are seen as transferable properties. It really is troubling that the people who are in positions of power and have the responsibility to change things actually have the same mindset and are busy watching porn”Renuka Chowdhary, a former federal minister for women’s development and a member of the Congress Party. (Deccan Herald)

5.Ex BJP MLA Maya Kodnani.


Maya Kodnani is an ex BJP MLA and former Gujarat State Cabinet minister. She was accused of plotting riots in a particular area of Gujarat. Reports says that she herself distributed arms to increase the communal tensions. She is recognized for being the first woman MLA to get punishment by Indian Judiciary. She was accused as the mastermind behind Naroda Patiya Massacre. Sources revealed that she was responsible for the death of 95 citizens. In 2013, she got jailed for 28 long years and got a bail for 3 months only for a treatment of hers. (Letuspublish.com)

6.CPI(M) MLA Susanta Ghosh.


Susanta Ghosh, a CPI(M) MLA who once held the position of the Cabinet Minister in West Bengal was accused of abduction and murder charges. He is suspected as the culprit behind Garbeta Skeleton Case. He was accused of abducting and murdering seven Trinamool Congress workers. Seven skeletons had been found near his ancestral house and two of them were even identified as TMC workers. He got arrested but came out of bail after six months. Once, the cases against him gets proved, he will be sent to jail by the Indian Judiciary. (Letuspublish)

7.Ex cabinet minister Bibi Jagir Kaur


March 30 2012. Bibi Jagir Kaur was jailed for her own daughter’s kidnapping and murder case. She had to resign her post as the Cabinet minister after CBI Court of Patiala House, found her guilty for various criminal offences. She was against the marriage of her daughter Harpreet with Kamaljit Singh. Kamaljit accused Bibi Kaur for his wife’s murder and also told that Harpreet was forced to abort her child before her murder. (India Today)

8. Sri Ram Sena Group Founder, Pramod Muthalik.


On 24th Jan, 2009, a group of 40 activists of Sri Ram Sena group barged into a pub named ‘Amnesia-The Lounge’ and beat up women and men. They stated that women were violating traditional Indian values. The founder, Pramod Muthalik then made a much likely statement, “Whoever has done this has done a good job. Girls going to pubs is not acceptable. So, whatever the Sena members did was right. You are highlighting this small incident to malign the BJP government in the state.” (Wikipedia)

9. BJP President, Amit Shah.


Amit Shah is a big gun of BJP who got the position of BJP president and won 5 elections successively from 1997 to 2012 as Gujarat MLA . Amit Shah is accused of major crimes like theft, kidnappings, murder etc. Apart from that, he faced the charges of wrong confinement and extortion too. He was arrested for Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, murder, extortion etc. He got bail after 3 months of his arrest. He was also forcibly thrown out of Gujarat state for his crime, by law. (Letuspublish)

(He was recently released, 4-5 months ago without any pending charges and with no participation in the involved crimes).

10. Congress minister Mahipal Maderna.


2001, Bhanwari Devi, a 36 year old auxiliary nurse and midwife, from Rajasthan came into limelight after her husband alleged that Mahipal Maderna, the Congress minister in state government, got his wife abducted. The investigation of the case revealed that Bhanwari Devi was blackmailing Maderna and Congress legislator Malkhan Singh and demanded crores of Rupees based upon a CD in which Maderna and others were seen in a compromising position with Bhanwari Devi. Maderna and Malkhan finally decided to get her eliminated with the help of supari killers. Maderna is under custody and court has framed charges against him. (India Tv)


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