10 things which will keep your love life on the right track.

By Tenzin Khando

We are always somehow, somewhere looking for inspiration to spike up our love life in the best way possible. Some choose the books, whereas some seek real life inspiration. Here are a few things that can really help, keep your love life on the right track:-


1. Nothing should be kept as a secret between you and your partner. Share anything and everything you feel, she or he needs to know. In that way there will be less misunderstandings and you will get closer with each other.


2. If you are the guy, protect her and pamper her. Every girl wants her partner to be like her own father. Try knowing the small things she loves to do.


3. If you are the girl, your guy will like it if you care for him. Do not compare him with other guys. You know how dangerous a man’s ego is.


4. There will always be small fights between you, love birds. That doesn’t mean you guys are falling apart and stuff. Don’t let your egos clash. Instead take some time, realise your own mistakes and apologise to each other. Saying sorry is a lot easier than staying mad with each other for lame reasons.


5. Never look down on your partner in any way. It is very important to have an equal standing in a relationship. Respect each other and people will admire your relationship.


6. Always encourage each other no matter what. Your partner feels most energetic when you praise his/her good qualities.


7. There should be a room for mistakes and constructive criticisms. That way you both will improve and emerge as the perfect couple.


8. Never stop going out on dates! That feeling of excitement you get when you choose a dress and polo shirt to match with the outfit of your love is ever enchanting. Never stop surprising each other. This way your love for one another will always stay fresh.


9. Cuddling on rainy days and pillow fights always work. Hug her tight in bed and kiss her on her forehead before she sleeps, she surely will have a sweet dream then.


10. Last but not the least, the most important thing to do is to LOVE. Love her/him unconditionally to the point where you guys feel like Romeo and Juliet couldn’t make it like you guys did.


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  1. Very useful post. I found these to be useful. Thanks.


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