Runway Rising

Aurhor- Kanchi Shah

Founded in 2012, by Mrs. Ramola Bachchan, Runway Rising was launched with a thought that the NextGen designers from around the world can showcase their designs. It is a huge platform for some of the young designers to exhibit their talent. It started with merely 40 hand-picked group of designers, but it has now quickly escalated to become one of the most famous fashion and lifestyle exhibitions.

Runway Rising is a one-stop fashion and lifestyle exhibition for the elite shoppers of Delhi-NCR. The exhibition showcases the finest collection of Fashion, Bridal Wear, Accessories, Lingerie, Shoes, Jewellery, bags and Home Decor. The latest exhibition was held on 16th March 2016 at Ashok Hotel and was the 12th edition of the Runway Rising. This year the exhibition saw more than 100 participants including the likes of Manish Arora, Bumble Bee, Sanaa Home Collection, She-Shoo-Dekhi, I-am Home Collection etc. Runway Rising draws a rather large audience of shopaholics and fashionistas. It was a rather beguiling affair and saw a number of ensembles and jewellery.

“Having launched Runway Rising, I find it gratifying when I get calls from young designers telling me what they are doing and how, having never exhibited, excited they are at the prospect of the first time. The excitement gets transferred when I see their collections and realise that there’s so much going on in our country. We as a people have an amazing creative an entrepreneurial spirit and it’s good to see that being taken forward by our next generation, many of whom will be front runners in the fashionscape of the future” concludes Ramola.


Needless to say, Runway Rising is giving a great opportunity to the young designers who have immense talent and our showing their phenomenal collection, for us to buy them. If you are an ethnic lover, then whether it’s a suit, a saree or a lehenga, Runway Rising has it all. Not to forget the shoes and bags lover, Runway Rising definitely doesn’t disappoint in that section either. But the exhibition is not just about women. There were some designers who showcased Men’s apparel as well. True to its brand name, Runway Rising exhibits the collection, which one sees at the Fashion runways. The ensembles are nothing less than classy. All the upcoming designers have mind boggling outfits to choose from.


So don’t miss out on their next exhibition and add amazing outfits to your closet!!


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