Aramya’16: Enriching the Cultural Quotient of Delhi University, Hindu presents its first ever Dance Festival!

The first ever dance festival of the Hindu College, Delhi University marked the beginning of the most culturally vibrant festival of Hindu college. This was an amalgamation of the three major Dance societies of the college, the Indian Classical, Western and the Choreography societies. The three came together in an absolutely mesmerizing union to provide the best of a dancer’s ability.

Where the first day was dedicated to the classical and western, the second day was overpowered by the choreography majorly. Many colleges, inside and out of Delhi University participated in a very enthusiastic way. The level of the fest was heightened with the element of competition being present in the festivity. The colourful location with curtains of bright shades distinguished Hindu’s dance fest from any other. The three presidents were extremely busy to be reached with responsibilities to make the event a collaboration of one of its kinds. The participants looked all chilled out and passionate about their performances.

The most number of performances were registered under the Western category and was also attended by most number of people. Where Indian Classical bounded the charms in the evening, spreading the Indian cultural aura of the ever present Indian heritage that the country is known for. Laughter and applause surrounded the sphere of the stage and the participants were valorizing in spirits. The audiences kept cheering during the performances and couldn’t keep away from talking about the performances after they were over. In classical where Kathak dominated the stage, Western witnessed exploration of numerous dance forms such as Salsa, Jazz, Western Contemporary and so on.

Talking about the most enigmatic part of the event, the choreography round, the most vivacious of all that noticed a lot of acceptance. This round was specifically thematic and expressed unusual, exotic and breathtaking stage creations. With certain centralized themes, the various colleges put forward dance in a light that never got thought of in such a diverse way. Noteworthy performances included, Kirori Mal College, Hansraj College, Venkateshwara College, Hindu College amongst the many. Also performed Kamla Nehru, Gargi and Lady Sri Ram that showcased an interaction of the inner soul and outer realities.

Kirori Mal College with their enigmatic performance blew away the crowd. Their theme being the very basic generic problem depicting man’s relationship with this materialistic world. How man is still an ape of oblivion and not more than the primordial behaviours man encompasses anything fundamentally, it is only his material world with money being central in the “Vitruvian Circle” now has shaped the man as a being that he merely pretends to be.

Hansraj College showed a murder mystery with the basic focus on the man’s judgmental nature. How today, everybody be it or not is perceived as a murderer. Illusions lead to the state where a man is conceived as a criminal in a sense where remedial seems utopian. Hansraj, made a mark with being really appreciated and catching special attention.

Venkateshwara College drew reminiscences from a simple formula about the art of living. The trope was “flashback”. A man, in a dying condition calls for the moments that have gone past. It all comes back to him in a flash of memory, captured through their dance, this one makes an attempt to literally elicit a desire to understand the essence of certain moments. Rhetorical and enchanting, the dance performance called deep symbolisms and infused intrinsic questions and emotional pathos to stand out amongst all the acts.

The host college, Hindu College, brought back the very classical “Draupadi Cheer Haran” within an ambit of retrospection as this one was depicting Draupadi’s own version and brought out something that never happened, which if happened, how would it happen. This one not only reformed a lot of perspectives but also made sure to retain the essence of Ved Vyasa as being canonical to Indian audiences. Hindu College was felicitated by a standing ovation for their attempt in performing a sensitive aspect from the mythology with a brave conditional aspect.

The winner of this round was Kamla Nehru College, with Hansraj and Gargi College securing the second position in a tie. The thunderous claps marked the success of Aramya and stoned the name as one of the most celebrated in the history of the college festivals. Being the first ever in Hindu College, people were extremely satisfied with the outcome and delight empowering the expressions, we wait for next year with open arms and inquisitive eyes.



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