Day 2 & The Internship Fair by Vyapaar – Entrepreneurship Cell, DCAC

Fun things, these internships are! When we went to DCAC for their Internship Fair, our feelings were mixed. How would it be like? The experience, the people? And then like an unstoppable storm, a continuous flow of chocolate, uh-huh, humans came to our interviewers, and then began the most interesting and interactive part of the day.
Filled with funny chats, a sneak bite into the samosa between interviews, the rare ‘blank look person’, the overenthusiastic reception and responses and an overwhelming amount of CVs that were received made the second day of Internship Fair by Vyapaar- Entrepreneurship Cell, a one of its kind.
Let’s take a sneak peak into our very first formal recruitment event.

1. “We need to give our foremost thanks and jolly good lollies to the E-Cell, DCAC, without whom those few hours of intense madness and spontaneity wouldn’t have been possible.”


2. “Everybody first gave us this peculiar look. It was so clear, what they were thinking…’who should enter first!?’ But then one person did, and her satisfied look after leaving the interview was enough encouragement, too much encouragement actually. The number of people that followed…oh my, I still need to sleep!”


3. ” We had to be well prepared. As nerve wrecking as it was for the interviewees, it was us, interviewers. The all nighters we pulled, going over our presentation, questions, and thank you cards again and again! In the end it paid off. That’s what makes us the happiest. ”


4. “Our especially customized, personalized confirmation cards for everyone who made it into our family!”


5. “The overworked team of BOMT, who had the most fun during the fair. ‘Who called for us? Oh, a good photo, let’s pose!’ Do make us look extra hardworking.”


6. “What about BOMT? It was great but the rest of the praise comes after getting the confirmation letters, especially the batman one.”


7. “You can’t see it, but our secret stash was hidden there somewhere. It has all our food. We are professional, our only reason for hiding it was to not make the interviewees hungry.”


8. “Look at the crowd!”


9. “Dear DCAC,
Thank you so much hosting for us and keep hosting us. To people out there, who missed this chance, fret not! We will be seeing you soon, somewhere, anywhere. So keep following us!”



A big shout out to everybody who are now a part of the BOMT team! Welcome aboard guys!


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