Naked Woman

Poet- Maanvi Agarwal

I wandered…
The feelings of loss surrounding me like a whirlpool.
I hated her,
I hated him, and I hated them.
Trying to drown me, I will throw away every shackle.


I will be proud and I will be arrogant, I will lust and I will thirst.
If being an unbecoming woman makes me a whore, a wanton, I will become that…
I will stand tall and proud, naked on the lumpy rock.
The tears on my legs and the cuts on my arms will bleed,
but I will not accept a bandage that comes with pity.
The monk may laugh at my indignity and the priest may chant a hundred incantations to rid me of the evil spirit but nothing will stop my beast to rise.

You are prejudiced, and think of only your white robed God, but I think farther; I think of the figure clad in flesh and bones, of the disfigured, ugly monster coming out of the fire…
Ah that monster! That monster in me!

I will reject love and the noble feelings. I will crawl out of the underground prison in which you have pushed me.
I will raise the animal on earth, the fire, the ice, the ever- destructing ire.
I will rule over the soil, burning the weaknesses of all the brave hearts.
The kingdom shall rise again, ruled by my beautiful lovers, on whose breasts will lay the new fate of mine and yours world.



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