Rendezvous with Himani Sahni, Head Organiser, Aramya

Author : Oohini Mukhopadhyay 

What a dancer knows about the inner most self is hardly known by any other performer. The most latent realities come to existence when a dancer is at work. The much awaited Dance fest of the Hindu College, Delhi University is here to dazzle you with a journey through the sensational dance carnival of the year.

1. The retrospection works wonders in working out a theme they say. What made you believe in Aramya?

The joint belief of more than twenty people in something none of us could see at the time. That didn’t stop us from visualizing it, and from dreaming big to make our passion felt in the hearts of others. 


2. Solidarity and power comes from the ability to reflect it in dance. How do you think your dance is changing lives?

We always go out to perform with the idea of moving people to their most natural emotions, and to make them introspect. 

We perform to be who we are, and to inspire others to do the same. 

3. There is a lot of competition out there in performing arts. 

How is the dance society of your college more distinguished from the others? 

There is nothing competitive in doing what you love, as long as you keep doing it for the reasons you first took it up in the first place. 

That’s what we believe in.

4. Talk about your 2 most memorable dance performances.

-In NIT Kurukshetra, we performed to an enchanted audience who gave us a standing ovation in the end. That was truly an honour. 

-In IIT Delhi this year, we performed our entire piece for the first time directly on stage. It was as thrilling as it was scary, and we loved it.

5. How do you motivate the newbies in your college to enhance their skills through performing arts?

By being who we are, and showing them how much fun it is to be spontaneous, passionate and extremely stupid. 

6. What goes into making a team, in order to create a holistic environment?

We’re not just a team, we are a family. 

Every year we strive to create an environment which is more of a home to the members rather than a place they come to for practice.

7. Aramya is opening many doors, especially in encouraging people beyond competing. How?

This is the first ever dance fest in the Delhi dancing community and it is definitely going to bring a lot of different people together, i.e. dancers and non-dancers. 

Through different competitions and informal fun events, we will ensure that dance touches the lives of as many people as possible.

8. Tell us about some of the most cherished memories during rehearsals.

Every Srijya circle in which we have discussed every little issue, every little joy, and every little madness is something that we all will hold close to our hearts forever.

9. What is the most awaited feature of Aramya? Anything unique?

You’re going to have to be there to experience the insanity. 

There will be fun and games, competitions, spontaneity, crazy prizes and some really cool flash mobs.

10. Spell out the magical ingredients to nurture a festivity like this.

A team. Unity. Passion. Hard-work. Sponsors (haha). Fun. But mostly, Dance.


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