Redefining Beauty

Author- Muskaan Chowdhary

One of the most satisfying experiences, I believe, is just fully appreciating an individual in the same way we appreciate a sunset. Like when we look at the sunset we never find ourselves saying that it should be a little more softer from center or little more purplish at the clouds. Sunsets are beautiful anyway. Aren’t they?
We never try to control a sunset, so why do we try to control a person’s physical appearance?
We live in a society where we worship beauty. It doesn’t matter if you are intelligent or loving, if you are beautiful you are worth what you look like.
When I was 14, I realized that I was a part of a beauty contest in school I never signed up for. No one really knew who the judge was either. And it turned out that no one ever received the crown in the end. Nobody won! Because either you were too skinny or too fat, or your lips were too small or too big or you were too short or too tall. You became a number. You were either among the best three or, to be honest don’t even bother to waste your time, it doesn’t really matter.
And no, this is not an argument against wanting to look beautiful. This is an argument against the restrictions our society has constructed. In this age, beauty is perfection.
I believe that we need to redefine what beauty means. Why do we consider beauty to be only external? Why don’t we glorify kindness or sacrifice?
Our obsession with the way we look creates barriers in our lives. Its where sexism and racism comes from.
My mother often says ‘You look pretty but don’t forget that no matter how you look, what matters is how honest, compassionate and kind you are.’
This is what real beauty is. Imperfection. You are beautiful. Everyone is in some way. And together we can make this world more beautiful.



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  1. Sourabh says:

    Very well said Muskaan


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