In conversation with the EB Members of Comania – Commerce society, DCAC

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about commerce is well, the money. In microcosm, to get a sense of the stock trading that happens in the real world and the business acumen that putting up a great show requires, head to Commerce Fests.
We bring to you what goes down behind-the-scenes at Comania, The Commerce Society, Delhi College For Arts & Commerce as it gears up for its big entrepreneurial Dhamaka of a fest – KOMERCIO 
1. Being a commerce society, what inspires you to put your marketing and organising acumen to the test with this fest?
Does this downplay your academics? 
The fact that everyone in the society are so involved and enthusiastic to organise and execute the annual commerce fest and the will with which students from various colleges eagerly wait to participate in our events, inspire me to work towards organising the fest.

No it doesn’t affect our performance academically. 
2. Tell us something about the commerce fest. 

The fest is organized to provide a platform to students to get practical knowledge of their respective commerce subjects. Events like mock stock, Kaizon, FIFA manager etc. serve the purpose.

 At the same time it gives opportunities to win exciting prizes, meet new people, interact, compete and grow.

3. Tell us about your events. 

We have 2 flagship events – 

Mock stock & treasure Hunt. 
Stock-O-Holic as the name suggests is a Mock stock which works like a share market. 

Where share market enthusiast participate to test their skills & acceum. 

It has lot of twists & turns which makes it an intellectual plus fun event. 

The participants try to increase the value of their portfolio with the limited amount of money by trading. 

It checks your smartness as well as knowledge. 

It may seem to be more of an intellectual event but it’s fun too. 
50 Shades of Bollywood-The Filmy Treasure Hunt! is an all new form of Treasure hunt themed bollywood and with a blend of seven exciting sub-events (Bollywood Bazaar, Pooch Taach, Buying Actors,Multiply the money,The Barter,Draw n guess and Khulja Simsim) incorporated in one single event, never seen before!

Also, the whole hunt is based on Points system being maintained in Passbooks.


4. Your experience while arranging sponsorships. 

Our Society was divided into teams to reach as many sponsors possible. Altogether, a good experience.

We hacked into Comania’s Snapchat!

5. How is the footfall ensured? 

Footfall in our fest is ensured through reaching out to fellow mates in various colleges personally. 

Also Cash prizes offered in events act as successful crowd pulling instrument. 

Comania’s Reaction after they “Seize The Cheque”

6. Is there any social responsibility that the society fulfills or is the fest an entirely competitive arena throughout? 

Honestly, the fest per se is contained to numerous commerce related and fun events. However, Comania, has been actively involved in carrying out its social responsibility, from generating funds for Jammu and Kashmir, Nepal to conducting the blanket challenge for helping the needy. 
7. How far do you think it is important to have a certain sense of commodification attached to an individual? 

Is it a skewed scenario for the world today to view everyone with their financial worth?

Commodification attached to a person may be useful to him/her but to only a certain extend.It is important for an individual to be able to assess its qualities and weaknesses and sell the same in the corporate world. However, it is the honest work and genuineness that matters at the end.


8. A shoutout to the audience before the event! 

KOMERCIO- the Commerce fest, DCAC. See you all there. 17th and 18th March. 

Participate, learn and win.



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