Forget Love Nests, Head to The Hive, Green Park! 

Food Critics For The Day : Devshree Pareek, Mohua & Suchaina (Behind the Lens) 

Imagining an idyllic setting with the bliss of nature? That comes with its cons. 

Why not add a metropolitan Dash to it?With the comforts of modern day life and within the ambit of avant garde interiors, comes The Hive. 

When one asks about why it has been named as Hive, an interesting story follows! The makers wanted to create a parallel space, away from the humdrum of daily life and loud noise, in the heart of a bustling and busy street, and go into a quarantine, calm space. 

The Hive manages to capture this serene space at its best. With swashbuckling cocktails, to the larger than life Italian Cuisine, this is no normal Hive. 

Set up on the 1st Floor & Rooftop, this is a usual restaurant with some very unusual and well thought out ambiance.

The concept of the roof is out of the ordinary. It’s a see through glass roof with water flowing over it. The very aesthetics of this place are a treat to the eye after a long day at work. 

Their Ambiance can beat any restaurant in Green Park, hands down. Don’t believe us? Trust your eyes! 

The Open Bar is the Cherry on Top!
Overall, a soothing place to chill during the scorching summer afternoons. Good Seating arrangement makes it quite spacious.

A few seats give a good view of the streets of Green Park main market. On your next visit, try getting those. 

Coming to the most awaited segment.

Of course, Food! 


Food presentation was good. It is laid out very well and is a dream come true for every culinary enthusiast. Special focus is given to food decor and we give them brownie points for the impeccable neat stroke! 

The very sight of this heavenly pie made us think thrice before eating it. Such a sight!

What you shouldn’t miss : Pizza, Fish Nuggets, Burger, Chicken Meatballs tasted well, and are perfect for a dinner date with your SO. 
Desserts Steal The Show! 

We were pretty much indulgent in the sweetness of the Orange chocolate cake where the strong flavors were just perfect. None of the flavors overpower one another and the eclectic taste is perfect for your Sweet Tooth Cravings. 

The Apple Pie is a dream on a plate. The rich flavour and just the right proportions make for a filling dessert. 

Their Signature drink is a must have. The amalgam of the sour flavour and fine tint has you ensorcelled. 


The Mud Wine leaves you with a tangy-cum-sweet taste and longing for more! 

Our Check List –

Ambiance 4/5

Food 3.5/5
Deserts 4/5
Drinks 4/5

Make your hive here this summer you busy bees! 


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