Campus Drift presents Miss University 2016 : The Backstory 

Always wanted to be a Beauty Queen and a Youth Icon? Well, now you can live that dream. Campus Drift (a University based newspaper) along with Forever 21 are here to turn your dreams to reality and to warp you into a University Icon!

All you need to do is send in 3 Selfies to the Campus Drift page and wait for their panelists to get back to you. Huge prizes up for grabs!

For All those applying, here’s what’s going on behind the curtains.

But first, meet the team behind this amazing new contest!


Assef Ali, Campus Drift


Deepika Agarwal, Campus Drift


Garima Gupta,Campus Drift


Avica Bedi, Campus Drift



1) Floating across an idea is one thing, and executing a huge project is a gargantuan task that involves a lot of brainstorming & teamwork. Tell us about the process. 

One needs to brain storm at first and pick up all the possible requirements for an idea, and then one needs to assign work to different people and being at the core position one needs to do the work and also make sure that the whole structure is functioning well.

One must carry out the materialization of the whole thing in time and with every nail driven straight.


2) What do you feel about the changing face of the Indian Woman from a domesticated object to a tigress out to conquer the world?

Well we believe it’s high time to take up the project of equality on forefront rather than only women or men thingy, you can practice gender equality without tagging yourself as a feminazi.

All you need to be is a little bit rational about your thoughts and choices. Apart from that minding one’s own business can be a revolutionary idea in a country like ours. So when people would stop caring, others would stop saying, so no more of “log kya kahenge”  

To add to this, we’d also like to mention that Miss University is not just a beauty pageant asking women to match the beauty standards. It is about that tigress out there to conquer the world who needs to be her. Stand out to be the Miss University!


3) The idea of Beauty according to you is? 

According to us, the idea of beauty is the beauty of thoughts which comes out eventually in what you say and what you talk about. Because whatever you say comes from what you think, believe or perceive.


4) Some tips & hacks for the participants! 

Be yourself and that is what nobody else can be. So try being yourself and present it that way. Invent the different versions of yourself and let people know what you’ve got. Good Luck



5) Any Performances or Events we’re looking forward to on the main day? 

There will be dance performances by some fantastic dance societies of the university. Also, the event will be anchored by some well-known faces. We would like to keep the names as surprises.


6) Talking about your process of perusal, is beauty the only judging parameter? If not, what else is taken into account before ascertaining the winners? 

This is Miss University and not a ‘who looks beautiful contest’ or something of that sort.

So this is not a typical beauty pageant. We will judge people based on their creativity with style & uniqueness, their confidence, boldness, eloquence, intelligence as well as their way of interacting.


7) One funny/embarrassing incident that cropped up along the way? 

It occurred really funny to us when people kept asking if their pictures were safe. They wanted to make sure that the pictures weren’t being misused. We love their safety concern, really.

However, it becomes embarrassing at the same time when you have to keep proving your authenticity.
8) A shout out to the audience! 


Be Yourself and keep loving Campus Drift!

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