Da Milano launches Wooba & new Spring-Summer floral collection!

Correspondents : Arindam Goswami & Harshita Hiya 

Talk luxury couture and the first name that comes to mind is Da Milano. The mere idea of owning a Da Milano Bag comes with élan and finesse. Far from being into gloss and glitter, the brand plays it simple. With this simplistic monochrome vision, a brand that started small has now conquered the world. 


Da Milano recently launched its “Wooba” collection. Wooba is a simplistic versatile approach to revolutionise travel. 
It was always known to use monocolour, leather based bags which made for a fashionable statement but made travelling difficult due to the weight. But not anymore! The new range is known for its precision, durability and performance which is guaranteed to make travelling a leisure for you!


Agile, buoyant and lightweight go synonymously with the exquisite range of Wooba travel accessories.
 Each product is crafted to give a contemporary spin to the regular travel gear, experimenting with the extremely durable canvas paired with leather trims on the edges. Wooba assures best-in-class material, functional superiority and technical innovation to compliment the unique lifestyles of refined travellers.

Each bag comes with multi-purpose pockets and dividers making it an ideal stress free companion for both business and leisure travellers. 

Comes with an amazing Plethora of designs and product category like: Bag pack, Luggage and laptop bags!

The new Spring-Summer collection comes with an exquisite range and special price which gives you a fabulous reason to celebrate the Spring-Summer season! The bags come in myraid floral designs and bright sheeny colors, enough for you to make your personal style statement!

Experience the dazzling exclusivity of leather and prints available for both men and women. You can also shop online for your ‘chic’ buys at http://www.damilano.com

So what are you waiting for? Pop up your style quotient and blossom your stylish outfits with these exclusive range of accessories!


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