15 Unforgettable Moments From Shruti 2016! 

Correspondents : Subhalaxmi Borah & Kanchi Shah 

Indraprastha College For Women put together it’s master stroke – Shruti 2016, larger than ever before.

 Missed it? We’ve got you covered. 
1.  Such was the Decor. (It stole our hearts!) 


2.  When you have stalls like these, what else do you need?

3.  All worked up. 

4.  The Street Play Competition Begins! 

5. Brace yourself for these performances



7.  Curiosity killed the cat. 

8.  The only day you find guys on campus. 

9. The Stage is Set for Nasha Band to own it! 


10.  IPCW & Beauty are synonyms. 

11.  Looking forward to Good times. 

12. Pondering on cloistered issues amidst the glitz. 


13. Closing the Day, but the enthusiasm remains! 

14. An Ode to the magical evening that was. 


15. Until next year, Folks!  



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