Barracks 38: The Military Saga, Barrels of drinks and Bunkers of food!

Comrades For The Day : Oohini Mukhopadhyay (Food Critic) & Subhalaxmi Borah (Behind The Lens) 

The barrack is the building or haven to house soldiers. The origins of the English word comes via French from an old Catalan word “barraca” or hut, referring to temporary shelters to people and animals. Today it is predominantly military accommodation. The theme of the restaurant is the starting of ‘neo’ leisure styles and the ambience talks the same story. Situated in the Outer circle of Connaught Place, Delhi; Barracks 38 is one of the unique cafés serving in Connaught Place. 


The walls studded with artifacts from the militia and twists in tale with canons and pits, the atmosphere gives a robust yet charming elite feeling. Rifles and roses are the embellishments and the picturesque walls are worth spending minutes to treat your eyes.

The Food

Amuse Bouche

 The very first welcome is not with a drink here but with a canapé which is not really a conventional canapé. Gastric marinated Cucumber Spaghetti in Watermelon shell is the dish. It comes with a fresh fragrance with the gastric essence and it is a mouthful in a bite. The taste is so fresh that it actually immediately soothes the mouth with the mint doing the magic in the breath.

Appetizing Abstracts


Clash of Clan

The nomenclature goes in synch with the dish, not just in its preparation but also in the thought. It is an experiment to pit in the classics against each other, giving a tough time for you to select the best. An English classic ‘Fish n Chips’ against ‘Ajwaini Mahi Tikka’. Punjab clashes with English Canonical food. The Fish and Chips are qualified for a well- known taste and eventually become very bland too with the clash as Punjabi fish is the spiced and more encompassing one.
Spanakopita VS Mirchi Vada


Spinach and feta filled phyllo wraps creating a buttery and salty effect on the taste buds with a hard contrast served alongside. The potato, sun dried tomato and olive banana pepper, extremely opposing to the earlier taste, it sort of rebels against the previous and makes a complete balance in a frame of appetizers.

Batallion Samosa Booster

Chicken Samosa which is filled with Chicken Keema and juicy in the insides and out with layering of Keema Bhaji and chaat. It is full of the meaty flavor and will definitely serve the non -vegetarians in a fulfilling way however the dish has a temperature issue with the hot Keema and the cold curd and tamarind sauce in the Chaat not going hand in hand.

The Booze base

The mocktails are very impressive with some conventional, Mohito and Thai Colada. However the presentation is worth an order. The stock of their “bantas” is really nice with the Delhi internalization and a pinch of Punjabi mix to the flavors of Strawberry and Blackberry.

The Cocktail ranges from Boosten Beach, that is soft on its effect and makes a peach attempt on the nutshell to Cucumber and Watermelon mojito but the most recommended is the Barracks Special Blueberry Mojito which is pungent yet lasts for a long time, also a very dear Espresso Martini and is a great to complement your food with.

The Barracks Main Course



Steamed Pomphret

Whole Pomphret, served with jus natural, marinated with herbs and fresh olive oil. This one retains the “fishy” and strong in odor. Will only be loved by the sea food enthusiasts and can also be judged properly by the same gentry. Not for everyone!

Smoked Chicken and Scarmoza Risotto

An Italian affair, with the powerful flavor of herbs and is minced with chicken and served in a pleasant way. 

Eggplant Parmigiana

Alternate layers of Panko crumbed eggplant that makes a delightful combination with chewy Bocconcini and goes with some nicely plated vegetables. This one is great with a garlic bread helps you to overcome the monotony of the same kinds of vegetarian dishes.

Short Sweet and Savoury

Swiss Pistachio Roulade

Served with wild berry coulis, this one is claimed as their bests of all time. Something, which is experimental in terms of the ice cream and an unusual flavour that would finish the day with a bounty full of satisfaction. Completely new and very commendable on their part to vouch for a distinguishing factor to enhance the deserts in their course!

A very mouthful and pleasing journey through some ups and downs, as these people step ahead to make a name of their own in creation. They understand food in a different sense and outdo the boredom through merging and competing within their own plates.

A very strong 9 on 10 in taste as that rules when it is about food!


An absolute 10 on 10 for presentation and service!

A decent 8.5 on 10 for the ambience!

A good hearty meal would cost you happiness if you choose the right experiment on you to be performed in this space.



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