Zumba: The calorie burning party!

Author- Oohini Mukhopadhyay

People live with the wrong concept that dance involving exercises are meant only for professional dancers, gym goers or stereotypically the “youth”. Well, it is an entirely flawed idea. No, nothing of this sort is a requirement. Zumba is a highly intensive cardiovascular workout that is molded in the form of a fun filled dance regime to skip the monotony present in a regular exercise. This Latin dance inspired aerobics dance classes introduced by Alberto “Beto” Perez grew to be known as a dance party literally to captivate the essence of an energized and creative way of sweating it out!

Multidimensional Zumba

Zumba For kids– Not a very rigid form of zumba, designed for complete entertainment and enjoyment of the children.
Zumba Toning–  A prop is used for this, specifically a stick, and the thighs, abs, arms and glutes are targeted .
Aqua Zumba – It is a lot tougher than the toning one as it requires a lot of strength to keep up with the buoyant force of the water. Moreover it can be envisioned as a pool party once a person is comfortable with the moves in the water.
Zumba in the Circuit– This is an all rounder. Involving a circuit of Zumba dance moves along with cardio strength exercises, it is more effective for weight loss in totality.
Zumba Step– Involves all the leg and glute toning and focuses more on the step working.
Zumba Sentao–  This is a completely different type of zumba centered around a chair for strengthening sense of balance, giving an angular perception of working out.
Unlike other disciplinary workout regimes, this one need special requirements, proper clothes, good research, hot or not but an experienced and fit trainer!
While a dancer may or may not be the true required element, a well informed and keen learner is. It is very important to know that this is a stylized workout heavily influenced by Latin American dance styles including Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, and to not be ignorant of the exercises, to be true to aerobics.
So the first step is to view some basic Salsa and Cha Cha Cha videos that loosens you up a bit. The second step will be to follow the moves and get in to the mood to sway and fall, yes, “like no one is watching”- the cliché proverbial thing!
The third step is to view some basic moves of Zumba itself and familiarize yourself to the craze. Then fix half an hour and make a habit to get into the practice of a daily watching of such videos. Finally, look out for the closest Zumba classes if you want to make it a skill based regular routine and do some real workout business.
However the most important thing is that after so much exploration not to get intimidated by the professionals. You need to remember you are there to enjoy and not suffer an inferiority complex. Instead channelize and make it your own thing.

Lastly, go shopping! Go for light clothing or layers that you may be easily able to take off at your own comfort as you will heat up and sweat a lot. Baggy sweats are common but try to be in more fitting wears which helps you to look at the right places to work on, however there is nothing wrong or right, you may choose what you want, and of course sneakers or particularly dance sneakers are a must.
Zumba is not about dancing to the music or doing heavy weight lifting business along with dance. It acknowledges a form of exercise that keeps one engaged for a long time and helps overcome artificial techniques to weight loss. In contrast to aerobics Zumba, it is flexible, creative and much more effective. It makes a body love the workout and hence develop an affinity towards it. The ambience of the Zumba classes are heightened, mad, full of enthusiasm and pro active so that one is bound to be driven by the flamboyancy. It is a perfect choice for all the passionate ones who choose to make their lives a bit
healthier and livelier.


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