Poet- Sabhya Kumar
He gives the well-worn shoes a tug
Hoping they would not be undone,
When the school boys gather,
In the rain, the sleet and the sun,
To revel in the glory of games well loved.

In the days gone by,
Hours would be lavished on these pleasures,
Where camaraderie could be found in the shameless mocking,
In every move, manoeuvre and measure
Those days are gone, they won’t come back.

He reaches the beloved place,
His shoes impeccable, ready to play,
Of little use are they now,
For his companions are far away.
He remembers that cursed hour.

Figures in dark stormed the school,
Killing all that could breathe,
All his class was massacred,
In a blinding flash of heat
The wine of life barely touched.

And as he loiters about that field,
The blood baths still appear,
The pools of gore and loved ones lost,
The cries echo in his ear.
But he walks on.

To run into a sea of memories,
Of those held most dear,
To express the most morbid sorrow,
To wish they were somewhere near.
Where will this troubled mind find repose?


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