Feeling French, but love North Indian Food? Stopover at L’Adresse, Rajouri! 

Food Critics For The Day : Murchana Das (Review) & Manash Pratim Dutta (Behind The Lens) 

Prima Facie Thoughts

In a place heavily populated by Punjabis, who would have thought we would get to see a French restaurant?

Located in Rajouri Garden, L’adresse kitchen and bar is one of its kind. It brings forth two very different cuisines of France and North-India, and blends them together to make a very unique preparation of their own.    

How to get there:

Since we reside at GTB Nagar, we took a Metro ride to Rajiv Chowk in the yellow line, changed the metro and arrived at Rajouri Garden metro station in the blue line.

With a pretty blue door to welcome the customers, this place took us by a lot of surprise. They have maintained their décor extraordinarily, keeping the feel of a countryside French patisserie.

There are white drapes to give it a sober look, with plush leather couches and wooden tables. That is not all. The seating and dining arrangement also consists of wooden chairs and attached seats to the wall, which looks stone-made (Made me remember the Hollywood movie ‘Before Midnight’).

There is also a DJ platform, who tunes us into various genres of music (I am pretty sure the DJ was in love with Honey Singh).

The restaurant also has its own clay-wooden oven, an exact replica of what you see in any Italian food show. The bar is huge, with a large variety of alcohols and drinks. Want something out of the box? You will get it here. Want your desi daru? Yes, of course.

Let us get down to the main purpose of the whole visit. Food.

The Feast Diary Opens With Appetizers! 

Cheesy Smoked Mushrooms (Highly Recommended) 



Fresh white button mushrooms, smoked till it is done, with loads of creamy cheese sauce on top of it. Served to you in a black stone plate, with picked bell peppers, onions, mint and a slice of lime. The char-flavour and the cheesy sauce are wedded together perfectly. Just AMAZING.

Murgh ke Parchey 


This dish isn’t French, but has incorporated some French techniques, like the use of cheese and mild spices. The chicken is marinated in cheese and spices, and is grilled in a tandoor oven. This dish is topped with loads of cheese sauce. Everything has been added in proportion. I would like to have another bite, please.

Main Course

Sinful fried Bucket Non-Veg 

This dish was perhaps consumed by Adam and Eve, instead of an apple, for which they were banished from the Garden of Eden.

Made us feel that way too. Fried Chicken, Fish Fingers, Tempura Shrimps served together in a frying basket with a spicy tomato-jalapeno salsa, tartar sauce and guacamole. You can’t stop eating this one. The batter used for the shrimp was light and airy, and the sauces were going well with the three items. But the guacamole had no avocado in it. No one can make a guacamole without using avocado.

Chicken Breast stuffed with mushrooms served with garlic rosemary jus 


The name of the dish describes everything. Served in a black marble plate, with stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes, a drizzle of the garlic-rosemary just on top of the chicken and a bowl with extra jus.

Ending on a Sweet Note : Dessert
Walnut Brownie (Highly Recommended) 

A hot piece of brownie, with a large amount of chocolate syrup drizzled all over it, and vanilla ice cream. Three words. OH MY GOD!


Sangria Red wine, chunks of oranges and green apples. 

Refreshing. Damn Sunday feels!

Whiskey sour 

This is one of the Classic Drinks. This drink has lemon juice, with a dash of egg white on top and volumes of whiskey. Extremely sour. No egg-y taste. We LOVED it.

Apart from these items, the menu consists dishes from cuisines like Spanish, Oriental and North-Indian. Everything we ordered had a hint of something ‘North-Indian’, perhaps for some spices used or the ‘Indian feels’ of the chefs.

But that’s great; no Indian can refuse some spice, right?

  • In the end, we rate the food and taste a 4/5
  •      To the ambience, we give a 4.5/5
  •      To the hospitality, we give a 4.5/5

This place truly follows the famous saying, “La bonne cuisine est la base du ve’ritable Bonheur”, translated to- “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”


 Also, big shoutout to Neeraj & Pooja for their unmatched hospitality! 


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